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Before Actors on The Walking Dead Die, They All Dine: Death Dinner Stories

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Do NOT get bludgeoned by spoilers! This list discusses many major deaths on The Walking Dead.

The somber feasts continue with The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere and will roll on from there. That's largely thanks to the ultra-violent Negan, a vicious man with a baseball bat who will kill some of the cast in this season, and that's not even a spoiler - the show runners have essentially promised fans that much. So armed with that knowledge, let's take a moment to talk about the show's “death dinners." These formal, secretive meals bring the cast together to celebrate the death of one of their own and have become a long-standing tradition on the show. 

The Walking Dead's death dinners invite all the cast members from the show's run - those who have survived this far and those who haven't - together to celebrate and mourn the loss of characters killed off on the show. David Morrissey and Scott Wilson had one hell of a death dinner, considering Morrissey’s Governor killed Wilson’s fan-favorite character, Hershel, before the Governer met his maker, too. Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori) returned for that dinner, having grown close to Wilson in Season 3. “Once you've been in The Walking Dead, you're always in The Walking Dead,” Morrissey said.

Just so you know, when Rick’s number is up, Andrew Lincoln has plans. “Well, I always said to Norman [Reedus] that I would burn my trailer and you have to drag me screaming and kicking off set. It’s funny, I like the idea of a Norse funeral where they put me on a boat and push me out to sea. You know, fire arrows at my wrapped body.” And certainly there would be a feast for Lincoln that would choke a Norse god. Chandler Riggs will bring the pudding now that he’s allowed to come to the parties. Before he was so young, he couldn’t attend. Melissa McBride is down for a casserole. Bob’s tainted meat probably will go untouched, though.

Due to spoilers, The Walking Dead death dinners have had to change venues over the years. In the early days, a cast member might book a large private dining area in an Atlanta-area restaurant with the excuse of throwing a birthday dinner, but as the show has become a worldwide hit, they've had to go underground and hold the parties at a producer or cast member's home. 

Keep reading to learn more about everything the cast and crew have shared about The Walking Dead's death dinners. Bon appetite!

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