What The Walking Dead Cast Looks Like In A World Without The Zombie Apocalypse

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Have you ever wondered what the cast of The Walking Dead look like when they're not caked in dried blood? Or wondered what these guys look like when they're not in a wardrobe comprised almost entirely of khaki? Are they going to look way more chill when they're not fleeing zombies? Well, we're saving you the trouble of trolling through these guys' Instagrams so you can finally stop wondering if The Walking Dead cast taken out of a zombie apocalypse look any different, as well as what the TWD cast thinks of their characters. 

Okay, so they don't look that different. It's not like they're always wearing prison jumpsuits, or are dressed in medieval armor all the time. The Walking Dead cast out of costume may not stun you into disbelief but they're still worth checking out. Have a gander at The Walking Dead characters in a much more relaxed state.