The Walking Dead Characters Most Likely To Survive Until The End

WARNING: Spoilers abound. If you’re caught up on Season 9, you should be fine, though.

Walking Dead fans spend about 60% of their time discussing who will die before just about every episode. Watching the AMC show causes anxiety for this very reason alone. Who’s actually going to make it to the end or very close to the end of The Walking Dead? Even though the TWD comic ended in July 2019, the show and its source material have diverged enough that no one is truly safe.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t even exist in the comic books but he’s got fans so crazed, they border on the obsessive. Norman Reedus has vowed to strike the first match if they kill off Daryl so he might just make it through the apocalypse. A popular saying among Dead fans: “If they kill Daryl, we riot.” It helps that as a character, Daryl has the skills and the luck to make it through psychopathic overlords, cannibals, bloodthirsty gangs, and even the dreaded yuppies behind Alexandria’s walls.

If you were placing bets during season one, there’s no way you’d expect the mousy, domestically-abused Carol to live through an episode, much less outlive Glenn and Abraham. Even Carl has grown from being an overly-protected little boy to a stone-cold calculating killer. Will The Walking Dead’s producers kill off the boy who has lived through so much - even having to kill his own mother?

Remember, you're voting up the characters most likely to make it, not your favorite characters. Who will survive in this hard, cruel world all the way to the bitter end? Who would you choose as the Walking Dead characters who will survive longest? Disagree with our survivor picks? Add your own!

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