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The Most Eerily Accurate Walking Dead Cosplays

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The Walking Dead fans really take their fandom to the next level, putting on the layers of blood, gore, and even cool hats to cosplay as their favorite characters from the AMC show. Costumes aren't created equal, of course, but you can vote to determine the best Walking Dead cosplays from this list of photos from all over the world.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to put together an accurate cosplay from any medium. It takes even more effort to put together a zombie survival group and live in The Walking Dead's world! Somewhere in the middle of that is the difficulty setting for a Walking Dead cosplay. You think it's hard to keep your friends alive? Well, it's even harder to keep your group together on the con floor! We know that one thing is for sure: whether it's the end of the world or a comic convention, there's going to be a lot of sweating!

So cover yourself in fake blood and pull out the props! You're a Walking Dead cosplayer now, so you're fully qualified to the judge the best Walking Dead cosplays ever attempted.
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    It's Actually Hard to Believe This ISN'T Andrew Lincoln

    Photo: Dorkly
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    This Guy Is KILLING the Abraham Mean Mug

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    The Best Glenn and Maggie Cosplay Ever?

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    The Puzzled Rick Look

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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