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HUGE SPOILER ALERT:  If you’re not caught up to the very latest episode of The Walking Dead, stop here. Also, if you’re squeamish, maybe watch this through your fingers or near an open window.  

The goal of this list is to look at some of the worst deaths on The Walking Dead courtesy of walkers as well as a few horrible moments of humanity at its worst. This list captures those gory Walking Dead deaths where characters were bitten, eaten, snacked on, or turned into human taffy by walkers. As much as the show is about what happens to the living over time during a zombie apocalypse, walkers are still a force of nature. And just when you think you’re in the clear, CRUNCH!

Going out by walker is not a pretty sight. Way before the rotating door walker kill of Noah, poor Otis was shot in the leg by Shane and left for walkers to dine upon in the moonlight. Aiden learned that being arrogant and stupid makes you just the right entree on a walker buffet. And Betsy’s husband, David, went out just like he expected. Too bad she didn’t get his note. 

There are also the animals of The Walking Dead who end up on the wrong side of walker chompers. They, too, can be counted among the worst deaths from The Walking Dead. Unnamed farm horse that rode into Atlanta with Rick? Totally didn’t deserve to die, although he did offer a good distraction while Rick hid in a tank. Buttons? He could have been Daryl’s pal. They could have run in the fields together and had motorcycle vs. horse races. But no, stupid walkers had to get him. And Tabitha. Poor sweet cheese-providing goat, walker-alarm Tabitha. She did not deserve to go out that way.

If you're interested in brutality that skips the walkers, there’s a fairly comprehensive list for The Walking Dead kills where humans are doing the dispatching so look to that one for the Daryl walker head-trunk slam, or Carol in wolf’s clothing, and other satisfying kills.

What are the worst Walking Dead deaths delivered via the walkers? Vote up the one that really gets your goat the most. 

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Abraham Goes Out Cursing Negan

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He lived passed his days in the comics, but it was still hard to see the ginger warrior go out at the end of Negan's bat. At least he got out a solid "S*ck my n*ts" to Negan before getting struck out.

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Season 7 opened with the heartbreaking loss of Glenn Rhee, former pizza delivery guy and the love of Maggie's life. After Daryl steps out of line, Negan turns his bat on Glenn, recreating Glenn's gory comic book death.

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Noah Killed By Nicholas, Who Doesn't Know How Revolving Doors Work

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Noah, who saved Beth and was a solid addition to the group, gets torn apart by walkers because Nicholas is awful. Glenn has to watch.  
If you want to see reactions to the death of this popular character, watch this
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As the prison is overrun, T-Dog attempts to shut them out but gets bit at the fence. He and Carol are caught in the dark prison, running from a herd of walkers. T-Dog gruesomely gives his life to save Carol. Miss you, T-Dog!
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