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Hidden Easter Eggs In 'The Walking Dead'

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The Walking Dead has taken a gruesome horror monster and brought it to the mainstream. Despite all the blood, gore, and downright nasty business that constantly rears its head on AMC’s The Walking Dead, audiences continually tune in week after week to see what sort of new tragedy will befall Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and the rest of the Alexandria community. But if you're caught up and getting antsy waiting for more, you can also find other shows like The Walking Dead to watch.

Beyond the show’s amazing production values and gripping storytelling, the producers also have a knack for sneaking in Easter eggs whenever possible. Whether it’s a reference to another zombie film, another AMC series, or even a reference to The Walking Dead itself, it often feel as though each episode of the landmark series features a hidden secret, symbol, or Easter egg that will drive zombie nerds wild. It’s this sort of attention to minutiae that constantly reminds us that the people who make The Walking Dead are are fans, first and foremost, just like the millions who tune in every week.

What’s your favorite Easter egg to every pop up on The Walking Dead? Check out this list and vote up your favorites!

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