Total Nerd Here's How The Walking Dead Is Going To End, And You're Not Going To Like It  

Tucker DeSaulnier

Although Walkers seem to be decomposing on The Walking Dead, what if some evolved instead? What if something about the virus changed and they instead managed to function on a higher level than the average Walker? Would they be able to organize to effectively wipe out all humans?

If zombies don't evolve, eventually they'll die out. Our heroes have a ways to go before Walker herds are a thing of the past, though, and the biggest threat will be war between surviving groups. TWD may end in the middle of a civil war with a bloody battle.

What about an island ending? Some heroes sail to a tropical sanctuary and live happily ever after? This could be the best possible scenario for the group, a final reward after an all-out bloodbath with an adversary. Islands and zombies are tricky, however. Just ask the characters in Dawn of the Dead or Zombie Island.

Regardless of all the many, many theories floating around out there, it all comes down to one inevitable ending, one neither you nor any of the show's other fans are going to be happy about. It's no fun to imagine that nobody makes it out alive, but the extremely compelling evidence for the idea is outlined below.