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'The Walking Dead' Season 9, Ep. 14, Recap: Flashbacks Reveal What Happened After Rick Disappeared

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With the season heading toward its climax, this week's episode of The Walking Dead showed some key flashbacks revolving around Michonne and Daryl.

Since the time jump, there hasn't been a huge focus on the fallout of Rick's disappearance - why would there be, if all the characters are six years in the future? But we finally got a glimpse of how Michonne and Daryl dealt with losing the great Rick Grimes, we found out why Michonne has become so hesitant to trust others, and we also learned the origin of the scars on her and Daryl's backs.

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    Michonne Reveals Her Terrible Secret

    Michonne has turned away new people seeking sanctuary at Alexandria ever since the Jocelyn incident, partially because her friend betrayed her. But that's not the only reason she won't open Alexandria's doors - her real motivation is much gorier.

    After escaping from her bindings, Michonne goes after Jocelyn and eliminates her. She then finds the location where Jocelyn's group is holding the Alexandria kids. Even though Jocelyn is gone, her kids remain loyal to their fallen leader.

    The only thing standing between Michonne and the Alexandria children are Jocelyn's kids; despite Michonne pleading with them to move aside and not harm the Alexandria children, they go after her. Michonne has no choice but to take out every one of Jocelyn's kids.

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    Michonne And Daryl Have A Hard Time Dealing With Rick's Disappearance

    The show did its best to move on quickly from the Rick Grimes era. A six-year time jump put us squarely in the middle of new conflicts and problems for the people of Alexandria, The Kingdom, and Hilltop.

    Episode 14 opens in the aftermath of Rick wiping out the bridge and disappearing. Michonne finds Rick's sidearm buried in the sand - which explains how Judith has it in the future - and shows how desperate she and Daryl are to find some clue about their old leader.

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    Daryl And Judith Catch Up

    Much like Judith used to ask about Aunt Maggie, Judith is also close to her Uncle Daryl. The two catch up and it seems that, despite Daryl having been absent from Alexandria over the last few years, he has an influence on Judith and the way she sees the world.

    And much like Negan, Daryl isn't afraid to talk to and treat the young girl as an adult.

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    Michonne Turns To Negan When Judith Disappears

    Michonne eventually tells Daryl that Lydia and Henry can't stay because the Whisperers are after them. After they leave, Judith gets mad at her mom; the next morning, Michonne finds Judith missing from their home. In a state of panic, Michonne goes to Negan, who explains that he and Judith get along because he doesn't sugarcoat stories from the past.

    Negan tells Judith about Carl, Rick, and even things that paint him in a bad light, like slaying Glenn. In other words, he doesn't treat her like a child.

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