10 Easter Eggs From Rick's Final Episode Of 'The Walking Dead'

It's been no secret that Andrew Lincoln - AKA Rick Grimes - was set to leave The Walking Dead during its ninth season. AMC touted the episode as "Rick Grimes's Last Episode," and plenty of nostalgic callbacks and Easter eggs popped up during Rick's final hour. 

Many of Rick Grimes's Easter eggs referenced the character's nine-season journey. Many came from the show's first episode, replicating famous shots and bringing back early characters. Others referenced Rick's actions in later seasons and saw newer faces return. Whether or not you're excited for Rick's departure, these The Walking Dead Easter eggs were a fun trip down memory lane. 

  • Rick In A Coma

    Rick In A Coma
    Photo: AMC

    One of the first things Rick sees is himself lying in a bed in the Atlanta hospital. This is how we found Rick in the show's premiere, waking up to a fallen world after being in a coma from a gunshot wound.

  • Hershel's Farm

    Hershel's Farm
    Photo: AMC

    We see it in a brief flash early in the episode, and later when Rick "visits" it. The farm was the primary location for the show's second season. It's where the Atlanta group met up with Hershel, Maggie, and Beth.

    Rick goes into the barn as well - the same place where Herschel stored walkers, including Sophia, and where he gave Carl his first big speech about the way the world had become.

  • The Rolled Car

    The Rolled Car
    Photo: AMC

    Another brief flash - alongside the first shot of the farm - shows a rolled car. It's the same car that flips over during a high-speed pursuit Rick and Shane see while on patrol as sheriffs.

    In the pilot, the crash - specifically the people leaving the wreck - leads to Rick's gunshot wound and comatose state.

  • The Road To Atlanta

    The Road To Atlanta
    Photo: AMC

    Another early flash shows Rick riding his horse into Atlanta. His side of the road's completely empty - as it leads to death - while the road out of the city is choked with cars. This is a reference to the famous scene from the pilot where Rick heads to the city looking for Lori and Carl.

  • Shane

    Photo: AMC

    Jon Bernthal came back as Shane Walsh for Andrew Lincoln's last episode. The scene takes place in their police cruiser while they share a burger and fries. It's a direct callback to how you first meet the characters in the pilot – sitting in their car, eating, and waiting for a speeding car to head their way. They talk about Judith, with Shane - or maybe it's just Rick's subconscious.

  • The Throat Bite

    The Throat Bite
    Photo: AMC

    It's a throwaway line in the episode, but someone brings up Rick biting out someone's throat, a reference to one of the show's most brutal scenes.

    The shows fourth season ends with Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl held up by a group on the side of the road. One of the men is just about to assault Carl when Rick goes as feral as he ever has and bites the jugular of man holding him at gunpoint.