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18 Things You Didn't Know About The Walking Dead

Updated May 6, 2020 5.5m views18 items

AMC's The Walking Dead has as many die-hard fans as any other television show on the planet. And if you call yourself a "Walking Dead-Head," then you know tons of little tidbits about your favorite zombie drama. But how many of these The Walking Dead facts are you actually familiar with? From where the cast members eat lunch to how many walkers are currently walking the planet, this Walking Dead list has got all of the juicy, gory details and factoids about our favorite zom-drom.

Did you know that some of the stunt doubles for The Walking Dead actors are pretty hilarious? Like Carl, who is a 15 year-old boy and has a stand-in that is a 35 year-old woman. Another fun piece of Walking Dead trivia: the zombies are actually eating ham with barbecue sauce on it, not flesh. Yum!

The Walking Dead has been nominated for many awards, the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Drama. Over 17 million people watched the season five premiere. If you're reading this list, you probably already know how good the show is, but we're betting you don't know all of these fun TWD behind-the-scenes facts! If you enjoy this fun The Walking Dead list, leave a comment and share it with your friends, and be sure to check out more shows like The Walking Dead.

  • The Dead Outnumber the Living by a Staggering Amount

    When it comes to the world that exists inside The Walking Dead, "walkers" outnumber the living by a staggering count of 5000 to 1. 
  • The First Episode Premiered on Halloween

    The first episode of The Walking Dead, "Days Gone By," originally premiered on Halloween night, 2010.

  • Atlanta Neighbors Thought A Real Sniper Was Shooting Up the Neighborhood

    When Merle is shooting off his gun while on a rooftop in season one, some nearby citizens didn't know a TV show was filming and called the police thinking a real sniper –not actor Michael Rooker – was on the roof. The SWAT team arrived shortly afterwards.
  • Rick Carries Around a Bullet in His Pocket

    Rick has kept the bullet inside his pants pocket that killed his wife, Lori, this entire time.