Weird Nature Watch This Wallaby Lead Police On A High Speed Chase For Miles  

Mick Jacobs

In the video below, Australian police engage in an hours-long chase with a rather agile suspect. No, the culprit in question does not happen to be a human but is instead a marsupial. A wallaby to be exact.

Despite the fact that the marsupial lacks a car of its own, it used its superior wit and guile to elude the authorities for literal hours, causing traffic jams along the highway it decided to use as its personal runway.

Imagine speeding down the freeway only to see that the roadkill is actually up and hopping alongside your Prius. Even though you know better, you know you would whip out your phone and Snapchat that stuff from behind the wheel.

Authorities eventually capture the wallaby without doing it any harm, something American police routinely fail to do when giving chase to human suspects. Hopefully this video imparts some much needed advice to American authorities.