Walmart Employees Describe Their Worst Customer Horror Stories

Every thrifty parent, penny-pinching college student, and toy-crazed toddler relishes a trip to mega superstore Walmart. There are deals galore, Walmart shopping hacks, and colors bright enough to distract the pint-sized shoppers from their daily woes of potty training and being told no by beleaguered moms. Indeed, shopping at the huge chain is usually a pleasant, if not harried, experience. Customers park their cars, fill their blue carts, and leave the store while aproned employees bid them farewell with a smile and a wave.

In spite of all these good tidings, though, bad things can happen at Walmart. While paying patrons only tend to experience horrible occurrences on Black Friday, employees must endure terrible situations all year long. In fact, it is customers - those sweet coupon clippers - that cause the most strife. The resilient employees of Walmart have gathered on Reddit to share their sordid tales. Next time you're at your local Walmart, be extra kind to the old man greeting you in a blue apron.

  • Families Tear It Up At Walmart

    From Reddit user Pineapple_Pistol:

    "I was unloading a freight truck at the time and the woman that works at the fabric counter calls over the intercom for a manager. Then maybe two minutes go by and she yells for management on the intercom again, and it's clear by the tone of her voice that something is going down. Then maybe 20 seconds or so go by and all I hear over the intercom is, 'HELP!'

    "Some of us are about to go see whats going on but our manager says he'll take care of it. Turns out two sisters and their kids were tearing apart the store: the sisters were eating food right out of the bags, one of the kids was throwing jars of baby food at the wall, and the rest were opening items off the shelves. The yell for help came when the oldest kid proceeded to piss on the carpet in the clothing department and when the two sisters were confronted with this they just laughed and said it was our job to clean it up.

    "They got banned from the store, and I was told the police had to forcibly remove them... The two sisters were around 30-years-old and the oldest kid, the urinator, was in his early teens and the other children were under 10 from the looks of them. I only saw them for a bit while I was pulling pallets onto the sales floor. The assistant manager was politely telling them to GTFO, and they were screaming back at him. When I brought some more pallets out I saw the police, but I didn't see what happened after that."

  • Bumblebees Like Walmart Bargains, Too

    From Reddit user AquaaWaffle:

    "Walmart was my first job at 18, and as with most new employees, I got stuck with the crappy third shift for the first few months. As a cashier on third shift, my job was mostly to stay awake and zone my area. Staying awake was almost never an issue, though, because at precisely 1:30 am I would get 'The Bumblebee' as a visitor.

    "The Bumblebee was an old, old, old woman wearing a bee Halloween costume. Stinger, wings and everything. She was never outrageous in her behavior, she never purchased anything weird, she was just a bee and I never asked why."

  • Walmart's Return Policy Is Incredibly Forgiving

    From Reddit user sjwoah:

    "Former Walmart employee. I worked returns and refunds in a small town Walmart in the Bible Belt for three years. Oh, the stories I could tell.

    "My favorite refund story is a woman who returned a c*ck ring. A used c*ck ring. I didn't even know we sold those. Her reasoning? 'It wasn't worth the 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back.' She got her money back."

  • Apparently, Walmart Sells The Devil's Tools

    From Reddit user WedgeSkyrocket: 

    "[There was a] lady yelling at her kid for picking up a Magic 8-ball off an endcap display because it was sorcery and a tool of the Devil.

    "I wish I was joking. I wish I could say with confidence that she was joking. I cannot. This f*cking moron exists, and has reproduced."

  • Walmart Draws The Line At Returning Empty Bags

    From Reddit user Pancakesthebunny:

    "I used to work as a customer service supervisor at Walmart for a few years after I graduated high school. I honestly probably have hundreds of stories, but for some reason the only one coming to mind at the moment is the chicken man.

    "Walmart has a hot food bar, and one particularly busy night we get a man who comes to customer service with a large bag from the hot bar. He demands a full refund. I ask him what the problem is, and he starts yelling that our chicken is the worst thing he's ever tasted and he can't believe we would sell something so dry and inedible. He claimed we are a rip-off and we should have our food license revoked. I calmly apologize for his experience and say I would gladly issue the refund. He hands me the large bag and it's completely empty.

    Me: 'Sir, where is the chicken?'

    Him: 'Well, I ate it all.'

    Me: 'I thought it was inedible?'

    Him: '[I don't have any response for that].'

    "Face palm. So he's telling me he wants a refund on the inedible chicken that he ate? I denied his refund and sent him on his way.

  • Greasy Fingers Make Touch Screens Fun For Everyone

    From Reddit user jasontheguitarist:

    "I worked in the electronics department for a while. I remember seeing a... guy eating chicken wings while using the touch screen photo center kiosk. He was then stacking the bones straight into the top of his shopping cart."