Graveyard Shift

Some Believe Walter Sickert's Macabre Paintings Reveal His Secret Alter-Ego: Jack The Ripper

The Whitechapel Killer. Leather Apron. Jack The Ripper. These are the names attributed to one of the most infamous killers in the history of Europe and the world. Jack the Ripper's brutal murders transfixed England with their savagery, precision, and brazenness. The killer struck at random and without warning, all while taunting authorities with his brutal violence, sexual obsession, and unrelenting fury.

To this day, no one has been has ever been named as having definitively been Jack the Ripper; the killings ended as suddenly as they began. Theories abound however, and several center on one of Victorian England’s most influential painters, Edward Sickert. Sickert’s work shocked viewers, so much so that implications revolving around the deadly Jack the Ripper and Walter Sickert refuse to go away. Read on to learn about the creepy paintings of Walter Sickert and why some believe his work and life indicate he may have been the most infamous murderer in his history.