MCU Fans Are Sharing Their Thoughts About Wanda Maximoff After Watching 'Multiverse Of Madness'

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If you haven't seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD!

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is officially a Doctor Strange movie, it's just as much (or even more so) a Wanda Maximoff film. After the madness of the film, fans took to Tumblr to voice their thoughts about Wanda Maximoff (aka The Strongest Avenger).

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    What About Vision?

    From Tumblr User yelenadelova:

    One thing that bugs me about Multiverse of Madness is we’re supposed to believe this is a world in which Wanda can access any possible reality and is trying to find the perfect reality but she doesn’t even look for Vision??? We got like two mentions of Vision and that’s it. When Vision is one of the most important things to Wanda along with her kids. I just don’t understand why Wanda wasn’t looking for a reality with Vision and the twins??

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    Wanda Just Needed A Friend... Someone To Listen To Her

    From Tumblr User herenemycherylblossom:

    What I find most funny about MoM is how it would have been 15 minutes long if any of those people actually knew how to have an actual conversation lmao ? Like even when Steven asked Wanda what was she gonna do with the other Wandas once she crossed the multiverse, you can see she was listening, her mind was processing and Steven just straight up attacked her in the moment ? I face palmed so hard fr. All the other Wanda had to do was caressing her face and our Wanda immediately softened. I'm convinced they sit with [her] and ask her about her feelings and you have her down in 5 min. Give her a hug and the scarlet witch powers will literally leave her body.

    Also, she still has many untreated traumas, plus the influence of the Darkhold, and 0 support. Totally insulated. 0 friends (that keep in touch with her anyways). Her mind literally invented children to try to cope and fill her emotional holes created by that untreated trauma. Pat her on the shoulder maybe, give her a call and ask how she's doing.

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    Wanda's Character Arc Makes Complete Sense

    From Redditor u/redwitchredspeedster:

    Ok, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but to anyone who is unhappy about Wanda’s arc in MoM:

    *Spoilers ahead*

    ETA: I don’t think 616 Wanda is dead, but I still have to cover all of my bases

    As a longtime fan of the comics, I am more than familiar with the song and dance of Wanda oscillating between being a hero, an antihero, and a villain. Changing sides has been the story of her character since her origins as a member of the Brotherhood alongside Pietro and Magneto and continued on through the decades with her going crazy, turning evil, and/or dying probably once a decade ever since.

    From the beginning, Lizzie has said that she wanted to see some of Wanda’s most iconic moments, ie. the “no more mutants” line from House of M. She WANTS to see House of M. She wants to touch on those infamous moments of villainy that are so well-known and loved. She wants to portray Wanda in a comic-accurate way (sans the sexualization) because she sees how unique Wanda is and how fun she is to play. From the very beginning Lizzie has done her best to champion Wanda being treated correctly as a complex, troubled young woman who has lost everything and been wronged by the world over and over. She has helped tremendously in crafting MCU Wanda as a well-rounded character who went from forgettable in the minds of many to absolutely adored thanks to Wandavision. I remember seeing Infinity War and Endgame in theaters and being one of the only ones cheering when she beat Thanos’s a*s, meanwhile at my MoM screening 80% (or more) of people were wearing Wanda/Wandavision shirts and cheering when she came on screen.

    Wandavision gave us Wanda processing her grief in all of the expected stages and with special attention to denial. When we last saw her, she had flown off with the Darkhold and was hearing Billy & Tommy calling for her during what we now know was likely dreamwalking/at least her peeking in on the other universes. Anyone familiar with the Darkhold will know its immense power and how it corrupts those who use it and Wanda is no different. Especially as, when we saw her, she was heavily grieving the loss of her brother, husband, and children all over again after the collapse of Westview. She was vulnerable and desperate, and seeing what Agatha could do with the Darkhold paired with her lack of knowledge and its promise to help drew her in. She was, once again, taken advantage of in a vulnerable moment. The only difference here was that it was the Darkhold and Cthon’s writings rather than another human being.

    At least as of right now, I do not see her characterization and arc in MoM as a step back. I believe she is what she said she is: a mother who is beyond desperate to have her children back because she has NO ONE ELSE. None of the other Avengers have shown their faces to try and help her. Even Stephen only showed up when he needed help. Wanda was alone with a book filled with dark magic and abilities she was only just beginning to understand; how could anyone expect that to end well?

    Wanda is my favorite MCU character and my favorite comic character. She always has been and always will be. I am so thrilled to have gotten to see so much more of her in the MCU between Wandavision and MoM, and yes it did hurt to see her in so much agony, and I didn’t want her to succeed in getting America or her powers, but I also understand and appreciate why (I think) they continued her story the way they did. I am going to tell myself over and over that she isn’t actually dead because I can’t imagine her being gone from the MCU, but I also think that Feige knows full-well how loved she is and how integral she can/will be to continuing to thread the multiverse storyline together. Especially with the introduction of mutants…

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    Wanda Is The Strongest Avenger

    From Tumblr User queencirilla:

    Strange literally had to reanimate a corpse and attach countless souls of the damned to it like a big f*cked up cape just to have a chance at beating Wanda. Even then, the only thing that actually stopped her was realizing she was hurting her kids, so i never want to hear someone say she’s not the strongest avenger ever again.

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    The Darkhold Is To Blame

    From Tumblr User queencirilla:

    Not to split hairs or whatever but Wanda isn’t even a full-on villain in Multiverse of Madness, she’s an anti-villain. She’s been influenced by the darkhold and her own incredibly traumatic past, leading her to believe that what she’s doing isn’t wrong but is simply her taking what happiness in life she thinks is owed to her and that she thinks she can get. Is what did objectively wrong? Yes, but she didn’t know that. The moment she realized it, really realized it, when she looked in the faces of her terrified children, she stopped and corrected her course. If Wanda were truly evil, she would have wanted America’s power in order to inflict evil on the world or something along those lines, and she wouldn’t have stopped just because her kids were afraid of her. But that’s not what happened, because at her core, Wanda is still capable of good. Misguided, misled, and deprived of stability, love, and safety, but still can be good.

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    There Has To Be Some Universe For Wanda To Live With Her Kids

    From Tumblr User miss-musings:

    The whole last 15-20 minutes of Multiverse of Madness, I kept thinking, “Why can’t they send Wanda to a universe where her kids exist but she doesn’t?”

    Surely there’s a world where she died fighting Thanos or someone else, and her kids are more or less orphans (maybe Vision is around, idk).

    Why couldn’t Wanda step in and look after them since their mom died? And she could be happy with “her” boys without having to kill another version of her to do it?

    If The Watcher can put Black Widow from the Ultron Apocalypse universe into another universe that lost their Black Widow, idk why America or Steven or someone didn’t think to look for a universe where Wanda could take over for another Wanda that died.

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