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13 'WandaVision' Fan Theories We Found On Twitter That Actually Make Sense

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Beware: Possible Spoilers...

WandaVision is finally out after a long year with no major Marvel releases due to the 2020 pandemic, and just like that we are taken back into the MCU. Fans have been speculating on what the Disney+ series would be about for months and are admittedly more confused after the first 2 episodes. We have searched Twitter and found some of the best fan theories that people from all over the world have come up with after watching the series premiere, and some of them actually make some sense. Here are the best theories we could find that would be pretty awesome to see play out in the series.

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    Wanda Is Slowly Becoming One Of The Most Powerful Villains Of The MCU

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    Wanda Is In A Catatonic State Replaying Past Memories

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    Wanda Will Get A Visit From Her Fallen Brother Pietro

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    Wanda Is A Living Infinity Gauntlet And She Is Being Controlled By Agnes

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