War Dogs Movie Quotes

War Dogs movie quotes provide the dialogue for the comedy-drama film based on a true story of two young arms dealers in Afghanistan. Todd Phillips directed the film using a screenplay he, Stephen Chin and Jason Smilovic adapted from the book Arms and the Dudes by  Guy Lawson. War Dogs opened in theaters on August 19, 2016.

In War Dogs, David Packouz (Miles Teller) learns that he's expecting a baby with girlfriend Iz (Ana de Armas). David knows he needs to support them so he hooks up with junior high friend Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) who thinks they can make a bunch of money as international arms dealers. 

One $300 million US government contract later, David and Efraim find themselves in business with some increasingly shady people (including Bradley Cooper) and driving arms through what's called the Triangle of Death in Baghdad. And while the rewards of the job are great, the trouble the men face, including from terrorists with assault weapons and that pesky FBI, the risks they have to take might just be greater.

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  • 50% We Live, 50% We Die
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    50% We Live, 50% We Die

    David Packouz: Is this safe, driving to Baghdad?
    Marlboro: Very safe, 50/50
    David Packouz: What, like 50% we live, 50% we die?
    Marlboro: Yes, this is why we drive through the night. It is quite safer. 
    David Packouz: How much safer?
    Marlboro: 50/50

    When Marlboro explains to the guys that their safety is 50/50, David is surprised that they are taking such a risk. According to Marlboro, the 50/50 is the safer side of traveling in the hostile area.

  • War is an Economy
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    War is an Economy

    David Packouz: What do you know about war? They'll tell you it's about patriotism, democracy or some s*** about the other guy hating our freedom. But you wanna know what it's really about? What do you see? A kid from Arkansas doing his patriotic duty to defend his country? I see a helmet, fire-retardant gloves, body armor and an M16. I see $17,500. That's what it costs to outfit one American soldier. Over two million soldiers fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. It cost the American taxpayer $4.5 billion each year just to pay the air conditioning bills for those wars, and that's what war is really about. War is an economy. Anybody who tells you otherwise is either in on it or stupid.

    This War Dogs movie quote monologue features David explaining the economy of war. It costs an insane amount to go to war and a lot of people get rich from that all care of the US Government.

  • The Triangle of Death
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    The Triangle of Death

    David Packouz: You seriously want to drive to Baghdad? 
    Efraim Diveroli: David, we're gun runners. Let's go run some guns!
    Captain Philip Santos: You drove these, through the Triangle of Death?
    David Packouz: The triangle of death, bro!
    Efraim Diveroli: We drive through all triangles, including your mom's.

    As part of their contract, David and Efraim need to deliver guns to military officials in Baghdad. They decide to drive there, which isn't the safest decision, especially when they learn that they traveled through the Triangle of Death along the way.

  • Do Business with the People the US Government Can't
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    Do Business with the People the US Government Can't

    Efraim Diveroli: 100 million rounds of AK ammo, you can fill the whole order.
    Henry Girard: I'm barred from doing business with the US Government. I'm on a watch list.
    David Packouz: You're on a terrorist watch list?
    Efraim Diveroli: Do you work for Homeland Security? Relax, bro!
    Henry Girard: I'm not a bad man but in certain situations I have to ask myself, what would a bad man do?
    Efraim Diveroli: This is the job, to do business with the people the US Government can't do business with directly. 

    This series of War Dogs movie quotes show the interaction with blacklisted arms dealer Henry Girard. As Efraim explains it, their job is to deal with those that the US Government can't, and profit from those sales.

  • I Have to Go First, I'm American
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    I Have to Go First, I'm American

    Efraim Diveroli: Sorry, don't worry, I have to go first, I'm American.

    Making his way through a Middle East airport, Efraim gives an especially stereotypical response to those in line in front of him. Claiming Americanness to get through a wrong line might be one of the funniest and most cringeworthy War Dogs movie quotes.

  • Your Bid Was Far Too Attractive to Pass Up
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    Your Bid Was Far Too Attractive to Pass Up

    Pentagon Official: Frankly, we were a tad concerned with your performance history against a deal of this size.
    Other Pentagon Official: But after meeting you face to face, we feel like we're in good hands on this one. 
    David Packouz: We won't let you down, sirs.
    Pentagon Official: Not to mention, your bid was far too attractive to pass up. 
    Efraim Diveroli: What did you mean by that exactly?
    Other Pentagon Official: It means you boys low-balled the entire industry. 
    Efraim Diveroli: Yeah, uh, by how much?
    Pentagon Official: You guys came in $53 million lower than the nearest competition.
    Efraim Diveroli: Oh, okay
    Wolf Blitzer: Now to a question that has no clear answer. How did two twenty-something young men land a $300 million Pentagon contract?

    In the scene that set off the chain of events on which the film is based, Efraim and David meet with Pentagon officials in this War Dogs movie quote. The pair learn that their $300 million bid has been accepted, which is good, but that they also bid exceptionally low, which isn't exactly great.