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Hey "Nice Guys," Here Are All The Signs You're Not So "Nice" After All

Hello M’lady, it’s time that you stopped dating all those bros who don’t appreciate you and give a “nice” guy a chance. You know, a secretly horrible Nice Guy who’ll neg you and pout when they don’t get their way. It’s hard to know how to spot a Nice Guy (NG); they don’t all wear fedoras and grow out their neck beards. A lot of Nice Guys give off the impression of being a totally normal male who is actually nice—until there’s a minor bump in the road, and the “nice” façade comes down.

In order to make sure you never spend more time than you have to with one of these unsavory characters, this list is going to help you take note of the creepy things Nice Guys do and some particular Nice Guys to avoid. Luckily, most of these guys can’t keep up the veneer of being nice for too long before the begin to act out, but you’re probably better off never giving a Nice Guy the time of day. Study these warning signs of Nice Guys and be careful out there.

  • Nice Guys Feel Entitled To Certain Treatment


    The most obvious sign of a Nice Guy is someone who doesn't understand why they're not rewarded with sex for doing something "good." Be it holding a door open for someone or driving a friend home when they're too drunk to drive, Nice Guys are obsessed with what you owe them for not leaning into their worst fantasies. There's no cosmic force that tallies up your good deeds in order to dish out an appropriate amount of rewards, and if you're doing something specifically because you want to be rewarded, they aren't actually good deeds. A popular unattributed quote sums it all up nicely: "Women are not vending machines that you put kindness coins in until sex falls out."

  • Nice Guys Consider Dating A Game

    Somewhere in your dating life, you came across The Game by Neil Strauss and felt like it held all the answers. Or maybe you saw Swingers and adopted Vince Vaughn's rule about waiting two days to call a woman. Whatever the case, Nice Guys treat relationships like they're an RPG – that if they spend enough time grinding XP, they'll become a true chick magnet. There's no strategy to dating aside from being yourself, learning from your mistakes, and hoping that you'll be present enough to realize in the moment when the right person has come along. 

  • Nice Guys Dish Out Backhanded Compliments

    It's really easy to give a compliment that has zero subtext. "Those are nice shoes." "Your hair looks great." "What a great apartment." People (not just women) love hearing those things and they don't make the person you're complimenting wonder what you meant by giving said compliment. The problem with Nice Guys' compliments is that they carry a subtext with them that says, "You could be better at this thing." For instance, saying that someone has nice hair even though it's frizzy is a Grade-A backhanded compliment, and it's something that Nice Guys do all the time. Cut it out, dummies. 

  • They Can't Fathom Why Someone Would Want A Little Personal Time

    If you're a Nice Guy who actually managed to nab himself a girlfriend, then congratulations. Now stop smothering her! If someone wants to hang out with her friends or sit at home alone, she isn't devising a perfect plan to cheat on you. She's just decompressing. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you're supposed to spend every hour of your day obsessing about your significant other; it doesn't even mean that you're going to see your significant other every day. If your partner or the person you like is busy or just needs some space, then give her all the space she needs. They'll appreciate that you respected her feelings, and you might even get around to building that shelf you've been thinking about.