Hey "Nice Guys," Here Are All The Signs You're Not So "Nice" After All

Hello M’lady, it’s time that you stopped dating all those bros who don’t appreciate you and give a “nice” guy a chance. You know, a secretly horrible Nice Guy who’ll neg you and pout when they don’t get their way. It’s hard to know how to spot a Nice Guy (NG); they don’t all wear fedoras and grow out their neck beards. A lot of Nice Guys give off the impression of being a totally normal male who is actually nice—until there’s a minor bump in the road, and the “nice” façade comes down.

In order to make sure you never spend more time than you have to with one of these unsavory characters, this list is going to help you take note of the creepy things Nice Guys do and some particular Nice Guys to avoid. Luckily, most of these guys can’t keep up the veneer of being nice for too long before the begin to act out, but you’re probably better off never giving a Nice Guy the time of day. Study these warning signs of Nice Guys and be careful out there.