Celebrities Buckwild Tales And Facts From The Wild Life Of Warren Beatty  

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Warren Beatty - actor, writer, director, loverman - has developed quite a reputation in Hollywood thanks to three decades spent pork pieing any woman who would have him. He was also in some pretty damn good movies in that time (and continued his streak of hits after marrying Annette Bening in 1992). But who is Warren Beatty, the man friends know as The Chief? He famously shies away from interviews, preferring to let speculation about his life exist in a parallel world.

Despite The Cheif's desire to avoid discussing his private life, crazy stories about Warren Beatty are around every corner in Los Angeles. Not only has Beatty been connected to super famous women like Edie Sedgwick and Madonna, he’s been rumored to have worked on a secret construction project under the Playboy Mansion with Jack Nicholson. What on earth were they erecting? Hollywood must have been weird in the 70s.

This is no ordinary list of Warren Beatty trivia. Rather, it’s a look at a life lived between the sheets. And on floors in hotel rooms. Whether you know it or not, you probably love at least one movie Beatty had a hand in (or a movie whose leading lady Beatty got more than a hand in). A short list of projects he acted in, produced, and/or directed includes Bonnie and Clyde, Reds, Bulworth, Shampoo, and McCabe and Mrs Miller

If you don’t know any facts about Warren Beatty, now's the perfect time to start combing through his early work; what better way to understand a shy boy from Virginia who became one of the greatest lotharios the world has ever seen? Even if all these shagtastic stories about Beatty aren’t true, he’d never dispute them, likely because it makes life a little more interesting. They can be real in your mind, if you'd like. 

According To A Biography, He Weasel-Walloped 12,775 Women

In Peter Biskind's unauthorized Warren Beatty biography Star, it's "revealed" Beatty slept with 12,775 women over the course of his life, which seems like a high number even for someone who's famous for sleeping with a lot of women.

The math looks like this - Beatty was born in 1937 and lost his virginity in '57. Star was published in 2011. So, from '57 to '11, you've got 54 years. Assuming Beatty cheated on wife Annette Bening, he would've schlonked 236.6 women per year. If he didn't cheat on Bening, who he married in 1992, he unleashed the weasel in 13,000 pastures in just 35 years, at a rate of about about 365 per year. Which means Dr. Porksword would've been holding an average of one clinic per day to examine that many patients.

Beatty would like you to know the math doesn't add up. "Think about it, sleeping with 12,775 people. That would mean not just that there were multiple people a day, but that there was no repetition." You should take Beatty's word, he would be the guy to know. 

However, Biskind attained what he claims to be quotes from some of the women who rode the Beatty train, which are all pretty ridiculous. So they're probably not real. That being said, how can you ignore this quote from Kelly S., a "Colon Hydrotherapist," from Palm Springs, CA? "First time I ever gave a high colonic with a happy ending.” HEYO!

He's Been Obsessed With Punani Since He Was About 10

Its not your fault, Warren. ���� McCabe and Mrs Miller . #robertaltman #mccabeandmrsmiller #warrenbeatty #oscars2017

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Because Beatty grew up in a sexually repressed household, he has a particularly strange relationship with sex. He believes "the consequences of the American sexual Puritanism" have made our country a laughing stock in Europe. When it comes to sex, he claims he hasn't thought about anything else since he was "10 or 11." 

He Damn Near F*cked The Life Out Of Joan Collins

After meeting at La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills, Warren Beatty and Joan Collins started a purely sexual relationship so relentless it had a seriously negative effect on her. According to Peter Biskind's biography of Beatty:

"For Collins, it was too much of a good thing. One Sunday morning, exhausted, she stumbled out of bed. Dragging on a forbidden cigarette, she said, ‘I don’t think I can last much longer. He never stops — it must be all those vitamins he takes . . . In a few years, I’ll be worn out.’ Later, a skeptic asked her if they really had sex seven times a day. She replied, ‘Maybe he did, but I just lay there.’”

Oh, Joan. 

He Maybe Had A Private Backdoor To The Playboy Mansion

Maybe backdoor is the wrong term. Or maybe it's just right. Who knows? A man known as the Samurai of Sex may well enjoy multiple approaches to a problem. Either way, according to Hugh Hefner and some Playboy Mansion aficionados, there are blueprints and photos showing that Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson may have had tunnels from their homes directly to the party palace/sex mansion.

An anonymous staffer said of the tunnels, “I heard they were closed up sometime in 1989.”