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14 Fictional Universe Battles We'd Pay To See

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One of the most prevalent sources of fan discussion on various fictional universes is the act of speculation. Whether it is theorizing over events that have already occurred in the plot of said fictional universe or trying to predict its future, fans can be consistently found wildly speculating as to what really makes their favorite subject “tick.” Most importantly, perhaps, there are endless discussions theorizing the outcome of battles between fictional universes. 

Nerdy movies, books, shows, and video games have become increasingly available in the mainstream media, and the sheer amount of resources available to fans is staggering. Never before has it been easier to answer the question, "Who would win in a fight?" Each individual fandom has its own fan forums, social media accounts, informational wikis, and online databases of fan art. No matter what kind of geekery one enjoys, you’re bound to find lots to read about it on the wild and wacky world of the Internet. 

Thus, it's easy to extend the rampant theorizing beyond the arbitrary bounds of fictional universes and “cross the streams” in discussions about which universe is truly better and which would win in a big fictional war between the properties. Essentially, this is the grown-up version of arguing on the playground about whether or not Spider-Man could take down Batman in a superhero fight. And just like childhood arguments, these fictional showdowns will never really be resolved. Still, though, it never stops being fun to think about. 

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    Marvel Vs DC

    Photo: Marvel Comics/DC Comics

    This matchup is perhaps the most obvious one, and is one of the few that has actually featured some real-life crossovers. Marvel and DC comics are rivals in every way, as the two gigantic publishing houses constantly attempt to one-up one another and often see themselves rated against one another in media reviews.

    The two superheroic universes have faced off several times, with notable matchups including Batman vs Captain America, Superman vs Thor, and Storm vs Wonder Woman. Perhaps the most exciting matchup possible was a battle between two nigh-unkillable individuals, Wolverine and Lobo. This fight actually occurred in a crossover, but the two publishers chose not to show the actual fight, obscuring the entire thing behind a bar.

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    World Of Warcraft Vs Lord Of The Rings

    Photo: Blizzard/New Line Cinema

    This is the battle of uber-nerdy franchises that inspires the most passion and ardor from their fanbases. Both belong in the realm of high-fantasy, and feature plenty of orcs, elves, and dwarves. Logistically speaking, this matchup is a bit of a toss-up.

    The Lord of the Rings fellowship certainly features the higher-profile characters, and some extremely powerful members like Gandalf, but the World of Warcraft side of things has an incredible volume of characters that vastly outnumber the notable individuals from Tolkien’s world. No matter how it shakes out, this fight is going to feature some hardcore wizardry and a lot of axe wounds.

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    Chronicles Of Narnia Vs Harry Potter

    Photo: Walden Media/Warner Brothers

    Both Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia feature young children escaping into a fantastical world full of magic, wonder, and spectacular beasts. However, there is ample reason for conflict between the two.

    Narnia is a thinly-veiled Christian allegory, whereas the Hogwarts crew has been demonized by some religious bodies for its supposed support of witchcraft and Satanism. With such high stakes, we can expect an epic conflict between two factions full of battle-hardened youngsters with amazing powers. Cedric Diggory verus Prince Caspian seems like an unheralded matchup that could yield a terrific duel.

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    Star Wars Vs Firefly

    Photo: Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox

    Most would expect the logical matchup to be Star Wars versus Star Trek, but the crew of the Serenity from Firefly would actually make a stronger opponent for the Jedi and Sith of George Lucas’s famous franchise.

    Firefly features a tight crew, much like the main cast of Star Wars, and most of their membership consists of completely ordinary humans. The captain of the Serenity, Mal Reynolds, is a carbon-copy of Han Solo, and the scrap between those two would undoubtedly be the highlight of the match. For those thinking Luke Skywalker’s Jedi abilities might tip the balance, remember that the Serenity’s crew includes River Tam, a troubled young lady who's basically magic abilities.

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