Graveyard Shift Was Charles Manson A CIA Assassin?  

Rebecca High

Charles Manson is infamous for his cult that spawned horrifically infamous murders in the 1960s, but this video explains a whistleblower's revelation that Manson was also part of a CIA program called MK-Ultra and may have been ordered to commit the Tate-LaBianca murders.

Manson famously hobnobbed with a number of celebrities in attempt to become one himself, and most have thought of his for years as a disillusioned hippie. But a recently-deceased CIA informant left behind some files connecting Manson to a CIA web of murder plots and intrigue.

The documents allege that the government wanted to put an end to the Vietnam protests and sociological unrest that marked the US in the 1960s, and was experimenting with mind control techniques on prisoners. Reports corroborate that Manson was briefly imprisoned in a prison where experimentation was occurring before he left to firmly establish his murderous cult. 

The connections don't stop there. Watch the video to find out whether there may have been a lot more to Manson and US government conspiracy in the '60s than has ever been proven.