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'The Crow' May Have Been Cursed — And Not Just Because Of Brandon Lee's Death

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1994's The Crow, a fantasy-action film based on a comic book of the same name, is famous for causing Brandon Lee's death. The tragic accident and subsequent death of Bruce Lee's son is one of many dark stories about The Crow that have led people to believe that the film was cursed

Many of The Crow behind-the-scenes stories add detail to a larger story about a film that seemed to be doomed from the start. Not only was it one of the few film sets that killed people, but so many members of the crew were injured that it seems like an unseen force was at work during the filming. Aside from the horrific demise of the film’s lead actor, there was also a strange number of injuries and a destructive hurricane that destroyed much of the set.

Was The Crow really cursed? Despite it's strong cult following, the stories from its initial filming are darkly tainted, and all attempts to reboot the franchise make the curse seem believable. It’s possible that the failure to put a new version of the film into production stems from the death of Brandon Lee sticking in producers' minds, but it also just might be the nasty curse of The Crow.

  • A Stuntman Almost Died During Filming

    Photo: The Crow / Miramax Films

    Getting into stunt work is basically asking to be beat up. But most stunt people try to work smart so they don't get hurt. Unfortunately on the set of The Crow, the universe was completely against the crew and one stunt man almost lost his life. Reportedly, while preparing for a scene, the stunt person fell through the rooftop set, breaking multiple ribs when he landed. 

  • A Carpenter Was Electrocuted

    Photo: The Crow / Miramax Films

    Early on during filming, a carpenter suffered a set of terrible injuries while working in one of the set's many metal buildings. Allegedly, the crew member was doing some work while on a metal girder when the metal touched a set of power lines. The following shock caused a serious set of burns to the carpenter's face, hands and chest.

    If there was ever a giant sign telling the crew to stop filming, this was it. 

  • The Nine-Week Filming In North Carolina Was Plagued By Hurricanes And Freezing Temperatures

    Photo: The Crow / Miramax Films

    According to cast members on The Crow, the elements were completely conspiring against them throughout the production. Despite filming in typically balmy North Carolina, the cast and crew endured freezing temperatures.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, a hurricane also ripped through the state during filming and destroyed some of the sets. According to actor Jon Polito, "The hurricane was so bad. Of course, we were staying at the hotel Holiday Inn Cape Fear, so that should give you some sense of what the film was gonna be like."

  • A Disgruntled Sculptor Almost Destroyed The Set

    Photo: The Crow / Miramax Films

    There are different versions of this story floating around the incident but there's one thing on which they all agree - the set was almost completely destroyed more than once. One version of the story says that a sculptor working on the film lost control of his car and slammed into a piece of the set.

    The LA Times claims that a "disgruntled sculptor went berserk" and drove his car through the set, destroying the plaster shop. It's amazing that The Crow was finished with all the destruction that happened on set.