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The Best Wasabi Brands

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Some edible combinations are timeless. Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Sushi and wasabi. This spicy green paste is the go-to condiment for sushi and sashimi, lending a sharp bite to the mild fish. But wasabi isn't just limited to restaurants – you can find it at grocery stores, too. Some top store-bought wasabi brands primarily sell powdered wasabi while other good companies make it in an easy-to-use paste. And if you can't get enough of wasabi's distinctive kick, you might like brands that blend wasabi into mayos, mustards, and other sauces.

What company should top this list of the best wasabi brands? Kikkoman was founded in 1917, and has developed many delectable Asian sauces over the decades since. It's wasabi sauce is the perfect addition to any protein, and it even makes for a delicious additive to salad dressings. Trader Joe's wasabi sauce is another one of the most popular store-bought wasabi sauces in the United States.

Eden Foods' wasabi powder is made by combining real wasabi root with horseradish, mustard seed, and other ingredients. Other good wasabi brands featured on this list include Hime, S&B, and Frontier Bay.

It's up to you, bold diner, to decide what wasabi brand deserves the top spot on this list. Vote up your favorites, and add any makers that are missing.