A Family Was Terrorized By Their Own Cell Phones And A Mysterious Stalker Known As 'The Restricted'

True unexplained stories about prank phone calls and mysterious harassers have always been the bread and butter of horror movies. But what happens when a unnamed creep starts making scary prank calls in real life? In 2007, there was a Washington family that was terrorized by an unknown entity and they had no way to fight back. They were allegedly receiving death threats from unknown numbers, but when the police investigated the calls, the family’s teenage daughter became the number one suspect.

Creepy stories about prank phone calls, especially ones involving restricted callers, aren’t hard to find. However, the story of the Fircrest, Washington, Restricted Caller is absolutely terrifying due to the lengths to which the mysterious caller went. The anonymous person taunted and harassed multiple families on the same block while casting suspicion onto the very people he or she was harassing. This creepy story about a restricted caller will definitely change the way you look at your cellphone.