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A Family Was Terrorized By Their Own Cell Phones And A Mysterious Stalker Known As 'The Restricted'

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True unexplained stories about prank phone calls and mysterious harassers have always been the bread and butter of horror movies. But what happens when a unnamed creep starts making scary prank calls in real life? In 2007, there was a Washington family that was terrorized by an unknown entity and they had no way to fight back. They were allegedly receiving death threats from unknown numbers, but when the police investigated the calls, the family’s teenage daughter became the number one suspect.

Creepy stories about prank phone calls, especially ones involving restricted callers, aren’t hard to find. However, the story of the Fircrest, Washington, Restricted Caller is absolutely terrifying due to the lengths to which the mysterious caller went. The anonymous person taunted and harassed multiple families on the same block while casting suspicion onto the very people he or she was harassing. This creepy story about a restricted caller will definitely change the way you look at your cellphone.

  • It Started With A Phone Sending Text Messages On Its Own

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    In 2007, the Kuykendall Family was living in Fircrest, Washington (near Tacoma), when one of their daughters' phone started sending text messages on its own. 16-year-old Courtney claims that the phone would message her friends of its own free will. At the time of the initial reporting, there were no claims as to what the text messages said.

    After the texts, a series of phone calls from someone with a "scratchy" voice started coming from a number that read "Restricted." The calls would describe what the family was doing at that moment and even what they were wearing. Kuykendall's neighbor, Andrea McKay, who said that she was also a victim of The Restricted's harassment, claims that one day, when she was cutting limes in her kitchen, a mysterious call came through and the voice on the other end told her that it preferred lemons.

  • In The Initial Investigation, Police Tried Tracing The Calls, But It Just Led Back To The Family Phones

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    The initial wave of phone weirdness prompted the families to immediately contact the police. They showed the cops how their phones would send text messages on their own, turn themselves on, and how the ringtones would appear to change themselves. But it wasn't until the phone calls started coming in that the police were able to actually do anything. The Fircrest police attempted to trace the calls, but they just went back to the family's own phones. The weird part about it was that this would happen even when their phones were turned off



  • The Restricted Started Making Deadly Threats, From Murder To School Shootings

    Photo: ABC News / YouTube

    The calls from the "scratchy" voice escalated from the level of juvenile pranks to serious threats within a short period of time. Heather Kuykendall claimed, "They say you're going to die, we hate you, we're going to murder you." The family also reported that calls would come at all hours, threatening to murder everyone that they knew - including their pets.

    The most terrifying call came during the day to the McKays, another family being harassed by The Restricted. They claimed that while their kids were in school, the voice called and told them that there was going to be a school shooting. It is unclear whether or not the family followed up on this threat and contact their children's school. A member of the McKay family told ABC News, "The level of fear went from, 'This is a pain,' to an uncontrolled fear and anxiety level."

  • The Restricted Kept Calling Them And Spying On Them, Making Them Paranoid

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    The families all claim that after making a series of death threats against them, The Restricted's calls seemed to exist solely to make them paranoid. Calls would come in from the mysterious person, telling them what they were wearing and what they were doing. The family claimed that some of the calls didn't feature the "scratchy" voice at all, but rather a playback of a private conversation between family members.

    One call allegedly featured a recording of a conversation between one of the families and a detective. The Kuykendalls said they tried to end the harassment by changing out phones and switching their numbers, but the calls kept coming.