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The Grossest Facts About Bodily Functions & Waste in Space

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Maybe you think Porta Potties are gross, or refuse to use public restrooms at all, because ick. But have you ever thought about how astronauts deal with waste and other bodily functions in space? Disposing of human waste in space is an entirely different state of affairs than here on Earth - and some of the facts on this list will make even the nastiest public bathroom look like a palace. The human body works a lot differently when not subject to Earth's gravity, meaning that even sneezing and sweating becomes much more complicated.

Waste disposal in space is essential, but without sewers, how is it done? What's the deal with peeing in space? What if you bleed? NASA and other international space agencies have solved all these problems in miraculous ways, but that doesn't mean they have made them any less gross. Which of these facts about bodily fluids and waste in space gross you out the most? Vote up the most disgusting things astronauts have to deal with.
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    Astronauts Often Wear Diapers

    Yes, astronauts do wear diapers, especially during take off because their legs are elevated, and if they have to urinate there is really no way around it. As you can imagine, it's an uncomfortable and gross feeling to sit in your own urine. Diapers also have to be worn during spacewalks.
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    Sneezing in a Spacesuit Requires Good Aim

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    Sneezing doesn't cause much damage here on Earth, but for astronauts in spacesuit it's a real mess. There is no possible way an astronaut can use their hands to shield a sneeze. Astronaut Dave Wolf says the best thing to do if you find a sneeze coming on is to aim low, away from the helmet's windshield.
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    Toilets Are Flushed with Air, Not Water

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    When it comes to toilets in space, they do flush, but instead of water they use air to do away waste. The human waste gets blown away and stored in a tank, which is emptied into space at regular intervals.
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    Motion Sickness Happens to Everyone

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    Space travel is an incredible opportunity and comes with many perks, but it can also come with motion sickness. Nearly, every single astronaut has suffered from space sickness. The symptoms are headaches, nausea, and worst of all vomiting.
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