Underutilized Superhero Movie Villains Who Could Have Been So Much More

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Thanks to the ever-growing list of superhero movies with wasted potential, we have an ever-growing list of movie supervillains with wasted potential. For every Thanos there is a Doctor Doom, for every Joker there is a Parallax. A hero is nothing without a villain to fight, and there are numerous superhero movie baddies that could've been far more than they ended up being.

Dormammu is known as the "Lord of Chaos," and yet he was dispatched almost as quickly as he appeared in Doctor Strange. Minn-Erva is meant to rival Carol Danvers's might - but did you even remember she's in Captain Marvel? And Batman Begins' Carmine Falcone is a big-shot gangster who runs Gotham City, but he's essentially out of the movie by the midpoint. For one reason or another, every villain below didn't get a fair shake at becoming a villainous icon.

  • With all due respect to the likes of Thanos and Magneto, among others, Doctor Doom is the most important villain in the history of Marvel Comics. For 60 years and counting, Doom's machinations have become the stuff of legend to Marvel fans everywhere. But, if you've never picked up a comic book, you're probably less than enamored with Victor von Doom. This is all thanks to the lackluster Fantastic Four films released by 20th Century Fox in the post-Spider-Man superhero movie boom.

    Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell are both talented actors with impressive, varied careers. Blame for the inability to bring the Doom of the comics to the big screen doesn't lie with them. A silver-screen Victor von Doom should be an automatic home run, but instead, it's been nothing but strikeouts for Doomie. We're looking forward to seeing what the MCU can do to give the character some justice.

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  • If you consider yourself a true "Merry Marvelite," chances are you're a big Galactus fan. There have been so many great stories over the years featuring the Devourer of Worlds, it's hard to single out the best ones. For example, you've got Lee and Kirby's original run on Fantastic Four, you've got the era-defining space opera of Annihilation, and the more recent, Al Ewing-led Ultimates series where Galactus became the Lifebringer. Galactus is a top-tier Marvel villain.

    But the production team behind 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer clearly didn't want to bring his massive, purple headdress-wearing magnificence to audiences everywhere. No, that would be far too "comic booky." Instead, Galactus was turned into a giant space cloud and comic book nerds everywhere wept in their theater chairs. Jack Kirby would not stand for this betrayal!

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  • Tony Masters, AKA Taskmaster, has a 40+ year history in the pages of Marvel Comics that spans nearly 300 appearances. Taskmaster may not have the big-name status of villains like Doctor Doom or Thanos, but he's still a fan-favorite baddie when it comes down to it. When a version of Taskmaster was revealed to be the antagonist of 2021's Black Widow, Masters's rabid fans got excited. Instead, they got Antonia Dreykov as a completely silent version of the character.

    In itself, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Taskmaster doesn't end up being the main villain anyway. It's Antonia's father, General Dreykov, who draws the Black Widow's ire, and Antonia becomes a bit of an afterthought. Replacing the mouthy, overly cocky Masters with the silent, tragic Antonia Dreykov wasn't the greatest move in the end.

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  • Man, how cool would it have been to get a full-blown Wolverine-versus-Lady Deathstrike movie? Introduced in the mid-'80s, Yuriko Oyama has proven time and again that she is one of Logan's most formidable foes. Yuriko's never-ending hatred for Wolverine has seen her come up against the man repeatedly, and it's always a good time. And while Kelly Hu gives a convincing performance as Lady Deathstrike in X2: X-Men United, she honestly isn't given much to do outside of that one fight against Hugh Jackman that ends in her demise.

    The majority of the movie's run time devoted to villainy is saved for Brian Cox's William Stryker. It makes sense: Stryker is one of the most storied villains in X-Men history, and Cox is an incredible actor, but demoting Deathstrike to henchwoman status does the character a grave disservice.

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  • Ah, Dormammu. Sorry... the dread Dormammu. Eater of Souls, Lord of Chaos, and Ruler of the Dark Dimension. Sounds like a bit of a bad*ss, eh? The guy is more or less the biggest Doctor Strange villain of them all, so bringing him to the big screen for the Sorcerer Supreme's first-ever movie appearance seemed quite justified. Alas, Dormammu is hardly in the movie at all.

    Viewers spend the majority of the run time hearing about how great and terrible Dormammu is before the big finale. Then he gets stuck in Stephen Strange's time loop before peacing out after a few minutes. It probably would've been the better plan to set up ol' Dormy in the first movie and have him be the antagonist for the second Doctor Strange film. Oh well!

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  • So, the first Suicide Squad film is terrible. Whether it was studio interference, a truncated production schedule, or something else entirely that resulted in an end product widely accepted to be disastrous is beside the point. It's just a bad movie, plain and simple. That being said, there are kernels of some solid ideas floating around somewhere in there. Like, Margot Robbie is fantastic in that movie and has thankfully been able to redeem her version of Harley Quinn in other projects. It also has to be said that casting an A-lister like Jared Leto as the Joker is a good idea on paper. The actor certainly brought his own unique spin on the character to the proceedings.

    Granted, putting the Joker in your movie means you need to have the Joker in your movie. He was a significant part of the marketing, and people expected Leto to play a big role in the finished product. And, well, he didn't. The Joker might as well not have been in the movie at all, as including him just bloats an already overloaded cast with another major DC icon who really has nothing to do in the film anyway. Oh well! It's not like Leto was salty with Warner Bros. over the fallout and subsequent Joker movie afterward...

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