Weird Nature Australian Surfer Makes Lucky Escape After Getting Caught In 'Death Zone'  

Mick Jacobs

Surfing comes with all sorts of risks like riptides and sharks, but people often overlook an equally deadly factor: rocks. In the video below, one surfer finds himself pushed up against a rocky "death zone" as he describes it.

The footage shows surfer Ross Clarke-Jones caught in tumultuous waters off the coast of Nazare, Portugal. Unable to fight against the surf, Clarke-Jones finds himself getting pushed closer and closer to the rocky shore.

Even once he makes it to the shore, Clarke-Jones continues to be battered by wave-after-wave until he finally manages to move past the ferocious tides. "I think I'm done for Nazare season," he quips once firmly ashore.

Based on the way he almost became a human shipwreck, this sounds like a good course of action for the surfer. Watch his harrowing journey ashore below.