Graveyard Shift Project MK-Ultra Was Real, And Netflix Is Tackling The Creepy Details In Their Latest Documentary  

Mick Jacobs

With titles like The Keepers under its belt, Netflix proves itself capable of creating informative and terrifying documentaries anyone can binge watch. Their latest docudrama, Wormwood, looks to be another surefire hit based on the trailer, viewable below.

The six-part series follows the story of Frank Olson, a CIA employee who, the agency says, took his own life in 1953. But the suicide explanation only proved to be a cover up for a far more nefarious agenda undertaken by the US government.

Decades ago, the CIA set about testing the effects of LSD on different subjects, both willing and unwilling. Olson reportedly was unknowingly ingesting acid given to him by his employer, something his son, Eric, claims led to Olson's untimely death.

Many years later, the Olson family continues to seek answers to the tragic mystery that ruptured their family, and potentially the lives of others. Watch the trailer below, and see if you still trust the government afterwards.