law enforcement Watch This Off-Duty Cop Wrestle A Road-Raging Driver To The Ground After Epic Rant  

Rebecca High

Apparently road rage doesn't improve with age. In this video, a road rage incident at a traffic stop got really violent really quickly; all caused by a man who could definitely be your grandpa. 

An elderly man in Sussex, England was seen reaching into another driver's car and trying to take the driver's glasses and punch him, slinging vulgar insults the whole time. An off-duty cop just happened to be nearby when he witnessed the commotion. 

The victim's buddy pulled out his phone and started filming, while off-duty constable Seb Day got out and accosted the perpetrator, attempting to tug-of-war him away from the driver and his Land Rover. Eventually, on-duty cops showed up to relieve their colleague, and the senior citizen-turned-road rager was taken to jail.

The 62-year-old was given a fine as well as a 12-week prison sentence and had his driver's license suspended for 18 months. Watch this video for a lesson in how not display your road rage.