Watchworthy Breaking Bad Infographic  


Every day, millions of people visit Ranker to vote on their favorite TV shows, movies, celebrities, and more. Taken together, those votes create a deep, rich portrait of what readers like you love to watch most — including Breaking Bad fans.

As Ranker readers binge their way through the Breaking Bad and El Camino, the Netflix movie version, we've created a handy list of recommendations for what to watch next, as well as this awesome infographic that we think does a great job of making those recommendations pop! When readers vote up Breaking Bad on any Ranker list, we keep track of what else they vote on, both on that list and on any other list they visit. These recommendations are based on what we've noticed Breaking Bad fans also vote up — the closer each show or movie is to the center of the infographic, the more probable it is that fans of the Walter White will like it. Take a look and see if any of your favorites are recommended, and consider checking out the movies and TV shows you've never seen before. 

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