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Sloths are the adorable, slow moving creatures that the internet just can't get enough of. A huge player in the internet sloth game is Hector Janse van Rensburg, a British painter and the mastermind behind Shitty Watercolour. His work has been featured on many different websites, as well as his Tumblr and Twitter. His sloth watercolors, including "The Mona Slotha" are hugely popular, hilarious, and tons of fun. This list includes the best of the best of Shitty Watercolour's watercolor paintings of sloths.

But van Rensburg doesn't just do paintings of sloths. His work also includes watercolors of famous paintings, other cute animals, pop culture, and even a portrait of President Barack Obama. But we all know sloths are the best animals, and, as it turns out, they make for some of the best watercolor paintings as well.

van Rensburg and his shitty watercolours gained popularity on Reddit. In 2012 he told Wired, "I started doing watercolors after I found an old painting set that I must have been given when I was younger... I already frequented reddit, and it was only a case of putting the two together that my account came around." His rise to fame followed not long after.

Which shitty watercolor sloth do you think is the best? Vote up the watercolor sloths you love the most below and check out the rest of Shitty Watercolor's many great works here.
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Vincent van Sloth

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Sloth Burgundy

Sloth Burgundy is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Watercolor Sloths
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Sloth With a Pearl Earring

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Every Sloth in My Dreams

Every Sloth in My Dreams is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Watercolor Sloths
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