16 Ways Casinos Take Advantage Of You From The Moment You Walk In

So you're headed to Vegas and you're ready to spend some cash because you're a baller. Suddenly you're in the casino, all your cash is gone and you're asking yourself, 'How did this happen?' Blame it on the psychological tricks casinos use against you.

Yes, not only does the house have a significant advantage in gambling odds, they employ numerous tactics to gain even more of a foothold into your wallet. The lights, the sounds, even the carpets are ways casinos trick you. The very air you breathe inside a casino is designed to get you to spend more money.

Casino tricks are designed to take advantage of you and make you stay longer, but don't be fooled! Put down that free cosmo, toss that points card out the window - if you can find one - and don't look into the glimmering lights. Try to avoid these casino tricks. 


  • There Are No Windows

    There Are No Windows
    Photo: Universal Pictures

    Ever been sitting at a blackjack table and notice the sun shining outside, so you get up and go for a stroll? No, you haven't. No one has, because there are no windows in casinos. That way you can't see the beautiful day you're missing outside, or how dark (or light) it's getting, indicating you've been there too long. All the better to keep you gambling for that much longer.

  • Lights, Sound, And Action!

    Casinos are noisy and a spectacle, full of bright lights and jackpot sirens. This is all done to convince you that this is where the party's at! It signals that people are winning money here, and that your winning hand is right around the corner. Yeah, you and every other Joe Schmo who walks in off the street.

  • Casinos Don't Want You To Know What Time It Is

    Casinos do not want you to know the time of day (or night.) There are no clocks anywhere on the gambling floor. This tactic is pretty outdated, considering not only do most people wear watches, but virtually everyone has a cell phone with the time. Nevertheless, it has remained in play. Why? It benefits them when you don't realize it's bedtime, or that you haven't eaten in seven hours, or that this is your 12th hour at the same blackjack table. Such a realization could pull you away from the task of gambling. It's the same reason they play inoffensive music an anesthetizing, continuous loop. Anything to keep you dull and sated. 

  • They Pump Oxygen Into the Rooms

    They Pump Oxygen Into the Rooms
    Photo: MPCA

    Feeling more spry than usual? Ready to keep the party going despite the five hours you've already spent at the table and the four stiff whiskeys you just downed? Welcome to the wonders of oxygen inhalation! The higher the oxygen concentration in the air you're breathing, the more awake and alert you'll feel. Casinos know this, and filter extra oxygen to the gambling floors to keep you from going home while you still have money in your pockets.