Ways Children Tried To Destroy Their Parents

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When your first baby arrives, it's a time of miracles: Their first smile, the first time they recognize you, their first step, their first word.

But these miracles suddenly give way to terror around year two - and so do your children. The joy of hearing your baby say "Daddy" quickly leads to the first round of punches to the crotch. Or the first time poop is used as a shot-put. Or the first time your "baby-making activities" are interrupted by the former-angel-turned-devil that now runs (or maybe ruins) your life.

These are true stories documenting experiences endured by the friends and family of the author, who entered into the life of parenthood with no chance of escape. Sadly, there's no class out there that prepares you for the non-miraculous parts of life with kids. If there were, there'd be a whole lot less sex in this country.

To quote Fargo,

"At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed.  Out of respect for the tormented, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred."

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    Murray once took his two-year-old daughter on a trip to BevMo! (don't judge).  While waiting in line, the little girl strikes the downward-dog yoga position and screams out "FOCK" while twerking away.


    People in the store looked on in pure horror as sweat began to build on Murray's brow while he desperately tried to make sense of the situation.

    After what felt like an eternity of pure hell - and multiple customers ready to call in Amber Alerts - Murray asked his daughter, "Are you pretending to be a FROG?"  The girl nodded, "Yes, FOCK. FOCK. WIBBIT."

    No Amber Alerts reported. Crisis averted. Speech therapy session number one already scheduled.

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    I'm Burning For You: An Epic Tale Of Fire And Pain

    Little Kevin once went camping with his family in the woods and decided it'd be a great idea to climb the steep hill above the family's campsite, and wound up taking a nap instead of fulfilling his task of gathering wood. Meanwhile, Dad dutifully got a roaring fire going.

    Dad: "KEVIN!?? Where are you? Where's the wood?!!"  

    Suddenly woken from his slumber, Kevin quickly grabbed the first massive log he saw and hurled it through the air. It tomahawked end over end, picking up momentum as it flew, and came rocketing down... only to strike Dad across the back of the neck.

    Dad was knocked face-first into the flames - his straw hat instantly ignited, his polyester shirt melted to his torso, and one eyebrow and half of his hair went up in smoke. Mom quickly put out the fire, and Little Kevin was sure his Dad would kill him... but fortune shone down upon the young boy that day. Dad had also dislodged one of his vertebrae and couldn't move far enough to reach Kevin.

    (Ed. Note - Dad is mostly okay now.  Mostly.)

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    The Electric Slide

    One day, Little Kevin was helping his Dad re-finish their family's basement. Dad needed to do some electrical work in the office and told Kevin to find the breaker box switch labeled "Office" and turn it off. "It's number 35," Dad repeated.

    Since Dad's handwriting was unclear and Kevin was notoriously impatient, he didn't notice that "Office" was actually number 34.

    Little Kevin's Dad then climbed a metal ladder, grabbed his metal pliers, and said, "Is the Office switch off?" Kevin gave the breaker box a cursory glance and said, "Yep."  

    Dad then proceeded to reach into the live socket, and blue balls of electricity suddenly started to orbit Dad's head as he shook violently before being thrown off the ladder, slamming into a wall on the opposite side of the room. The performance ended as Dad fell face-first onto the cement floor.

    Courtesy of his now-toasty father, Kevin learned all seven curse words that day.

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    Lock, Stock, And One Smoking Finger

    The year was 1979, and Little Adam had finally learned how to open and close the car door.  In an attempt to show off to his Mom, Adam slammed the door shut - right on his Mom's finger. Making matters worse, she couldn't get her now pancaked hand loose.    

    As luck would have it, Little Adam had also recently mastered the art of locking the door - leading Dad to have to run frantically around the car to unlock the front door with the key and reach over to manually unlock the back door, freeing Mom's hand.

    The bright side? Mom could now use her newly elongated hand to reach the cupboard's top shelf.

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    Papa, Can You Hear Me?

    A three-year-old once decided it was time to try a new hole for taking Daddy's temperature: his Daddy's Ear! To paraphrase a popular children's song, "Pop Goes Dad's Ear Drum."

     (Ed Note: The father is fully recovered. We think.)

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    Wakey, Wakey, Eggs And Face-y

    Two-year-old Mo is an early riser - but only on the weekends. And he has taken to waking up his Sleeping Daddy by lovingly kicking him right in the face.

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