Ways Crossfit Might Not Be As Healthy As People Believe

One of the most hotly contested topics in exercise is whether or not Crossfit is unhealthy for you. The Crossfit controversy is especially unpleasant because people on both sides of the discussion tend not to find any middle ground—it's either the one true way to exercise or a cultish fraud.

And there is actually some middle ground to be found here; there's nothing wrong with the core movements that make up Crossfit workouts (with one exception, which we will get to later), and reveling in a workout that's actually hard, in a communal atmosphere, is a perfectly viable kind of exercise. But it gets a lot less viable when that communal atmosphere is shaming you into doing dangerous lifts as rapidly as possible, or struggling through workouts so far beyond your conditioning level that your internal organs are at risk. An experienced coach can minimize these dangers, but there is no guarantee that you'll have one, which means you may end up doing some of the most dangerous lifts there are with a coach who has no idea how to keep you safe.

Read on and decide for yourself: is Crossfit bad for you?