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17 Ways Idiocracy Has Actually Come True

Updated October 21, 2019 336.3k views17 items

Though it was a box office bomb when first released in 2006, Idiocracy gave viewers a vision of the future that has come true in startling ways. It's the story of an average man frozen in a capsule who thaws out 500 years from now to find a world overrun by garbage, idiocy, corporatism, and violence. The things Idiocracy predicted have gone from dystopian nightmare to everyday life much faster than 500 years.

Just like the movie, people are fatter than ever and pay less attention to the world around them. Portion sizes are bigger, police officers are more aggressive, advertising is more pervasive... and oh yeah, Donald Trump might be president. While we aren't quite at the level of watering our crops with energy drinks or the president firing off a machine gun during a speech, we've still got 490 years until we catch up with the movie's time frame.

Here are the myriad ways Idiocracy predicted the modern world, just a decade ago.
  • Donald Trump Is Basically President Camacho

    Loud, obnoxious, not all that bright, prone to outbursts of violence, appealing to patriotism, has no idea what he's doing... Idiocracy couldn't have predicted the rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate any better. At least Camacho was smart enough to step down when he realized he wasn't qualified for the job.
  • The Police Are Hyper-Violent and Aggressive

    In Idiocracy, the police brutally arrest Joe multiple times, randomly pepper spraying him, blowing up Frito's car, and treating Joe like garbage. It reminds one of the violent, aggressive responses to protesters involved in everything from Ferguson to Occupy Wall Street.
  • It Predicted Windows 8

    The colorful touch start screen of Windows 8 looks exactly like the computer interface from Idiocracy (though perhaps with fewer butts).
  • "Wipeout" Is One Step from "Ow! My Balls!"

    Video: YouTube
    The ABC summer hit Wipeout is a delightful competition show, featuring people getting pummeled while navigating an obstacle course. It's essentially Idiocracy's Ow! My Balls! with fewer actual hits to the crotch (at least for now).