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If You Watched Jim Carrey's 'The Mask' As A Child, You're Probably A Pretty Messed Up Person

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If you grew up in the '90s then you no doubt remember how exciting it was when a new Jim Carrey movie came out, especially one where he was allowed to lean into his rubber-faced weirdness. For that reason, 1994's The Mask initially looked prime to be a Jim Carrey classic. Unlike the bloody and depraved comic it was based on, the film looked to be much more light-hearted. Carrey's character had a green face and wore a yellow suit! He danced! He had a catchphrase! Who knew that The Mask would be one of Jim Carrey's weirdest movies?

The movie essentially depicts a man whose libido takes over his body when he wears an ancient mask, sending him out into the night to do strange deeds. This isn't just a strange movie made sense of within the context of the '90s. The Mask is actually horrifying, ranking it in that cult genre of kids movies that are actually scary. 

If one considers The Mask within the wider scope of Jim Carrey’s personal and professional life, it's easy to see how it plays into some of the darker aspects of his life. Like his character, Stanley Ipkiss, Jim Carrey has often portrayed some maniacal sensibilities under that wholesome nice-guy exterior. The most disturbing things about The Mask are the aspects that highlight the main characters' very real problems with sex. And that’s just scratching the surface of the Freudian nightmare that is The Mask. Read on for all the reasons it's a wonder any child of the '90s was allowed to watch this film.

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