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Weirdest Ways Marvel Changed The Comics To Match The MCU Movies

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded even quicker and more impressively than Ant Man does in Civil War. What began in 2008 with Iron Man has blossomed into a media juggernaut that pumps out at least three films a year, multiple TV series, and a multi-pronged Netflix brand. Perhaps that shouldn't be surprising. The MCU does, after all, rest on the shoulders of another media empire, Marvel Comics. 

The MCU, however, greatly surpassed the popularity of the properties it's based on. Far more people have seen The Avengers than will ever read an Avengers comic. Hoping to cash in on this success, Marvel Comics has made a number of changes to match the MCU films. It’s easy to see why the company might do this. By borrowing from its wildly popular cinematic branch, it is attempting to make the publishing branch more appealing to new fans. That being said, the level of subtlety with which Marvel has altered its storylines has been met with mixed reactions.