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20 Ways CW's The Flash Is Different from Comics

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FLASH FACT: The CW's The Flash might just be the most loyal adaptation of a DC Comics property to ever come across our screen. However, there might be a few details that that differ Grant Gustin's Barry Allen to the version in The Flash comics.

Ranker Comics has compiled a list of 20 differences between the The Flash the TV show and DC Comics's version of the character. Producers of the hit CW show have been doing their homework and are definitely fans of the comic - it's just that sometimes things need to be changed for a different medium. So if you're as old as Jay Garrick and new to the show, or if you're a CW zombie that's getting hip to the super hero trend, Ranker Comics has got you covered!

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    Joe West Doesn't Exist in the Comics

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    Much like Captain Lance on Arrow, Joe West doesn't exactly exist in the comic. Sure, Iris has had a father in different incarnations, but none are like Jesse L. Martin's version of the character. The character might have been added to aid Barry Allen in the police department while also providing a father figure for Barry and Iris.
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    Joe Isn't Barry's Foster Father in the Comics

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    Joe isn't Barry's foster dad mostly because he doesn't exist in the comics. 

    Instead, the man who raised Barry Allen was named Darryl Frye. Frye was a police officer who was having an extramarital affair with Barry's mom, Nora Allen, before her death. When Nora was murdered, her husband was framed for the crime and Darryl took Barry in and raised him as if he were his own.
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    The Flash Didn't Get His Powers from the Particle Accelerator

    On The Flash, Barry Allen was given the power of super speed after the explosion of the Particle Accelerator during a thunderstorm. Barry was bombarded with energy from the explosion, then struck by lighting which thrust him into a cabinet of chemicals. He awoke from his coma with super speed and became the Flash!

    In the comics, there was no exploding Particle Accelerator. Barry Allen just happened to be in his laboratory when a freak lighting bolt struck him and covered him in chemicals from the broken bottles. Although the origins are similar, the Particle Accelerator has been a key plot component for much of the first season of The Flash.
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    The Identity of Harrison Wells Isn't in the Comic

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    Although it has since been revealed that Dr. Harrison Wells is actually Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash, almost everyone knows him by his secret identity. In the comics, Thawne never uses the name Harrison Wells. The name might be a nod to science fiction writer H.G. Wells, thrown in by the writers.
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