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12 Foolproof Ways To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

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Imagine the horror; you’re driving 60 MPH in a 50 MPH zone, and you suddenly see the glaring lights of a police cruiser in your rearview mirror. When it's pretty obvious that you're going to get pulled over, panic is usually an immediate reaction. If you keep your wits about you, though, there are a few ways to avoid a ticket - and they're not that difficult to manage.  

Here’s the deal: If you’re driving 100 MPH in a 55 MPH zone or you’ve had too much to drink, nothing is going to help you. However, if you’re only going a bit over the limit, there’s a good chance these foolproof tips will at least keep points off your license.

Some tips are more obvious than others; definitely don't try to bribe a cop. However, some are pretty obscure. Read them all in the list below but remember that a police officer who pulls you over for a traffic violation is usually just doing their job. It’s your job to (politely) convince them why you shouldn't get a ticket.

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    Take Your Time Getting To Court

    If you do get a ticket and plan to fight it in court, the best strategy is to delay your day in front of the judge for as long as possible. Imagine how many tickets a patrol officer hands out in a month. Imagine how difficult it might be to remember all the details several weeks after an incident. Now imagine how many details that officer can actually remember two or six months down the line.

    If possible, keep asking the court for a continuance. You might get lucky if the officer gets transferred out of the department. Often, if the officer doesn't show up to your scheduled court date, the case will be dropped.


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    Ask For Mercy

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    When talking to the police officer, it won't hurt to ask for mercy. Tell him or her that the ticket would hurt you financially and that the insurance premium hike would be a big deal. You should not be argumentative or demanding and your tone should be sincere. If you have a clean driving record, this is the time to boast about it.



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    Wave At The Police Officer

    One former police officer reveals that one of the most effective ways to reduce your chances of getting pulled over in the first place is to wave. For example, if you're speeding and a police officer passes you in the opposite lane, you should wave at him or her.

    The officer may think he knows you and perhaps will even wave back. Or, the officer may think you're acknowledging your error and that you will consequently slow down.



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    Send The Officer A Letter

    If you have received a speeding ticket, there are a few different routes to take. Try sending the police officer a letter to explain your situation. The letter should plead your case and explain your request for clemency. Be sure to include your contact information and ask the officer to get in touch if they'd like to talk about the situation further. Be kind and courteous while explaining how much the ticket would hurt you.

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