The Top Ways to Be a Good Boyfriend  

Samantha Dillinger
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What are the best ways to be a good boyfriend? You don't have to whisk your girlfriend away to Paris in a private helicopter, surprise her with a personal performance from her favorite band, or spread a thousand red rose petals throughout her apartment. Being a good boyfriend is, luckily, easier than you think! This list has some great ways to be the best boyfriend.
This list has the most important things women want in a boyfriend, and they are surprisingly simple. Being a good boyfriend is as easy as learning to communicate well, spending quality time with your lady, and being willing to compromise. Women aren’t looking for a millionaire boyfriend to can make them feel like a movie star, they just want a man who truly cares and can understand how they feel.
This list features the best ways to be a good boyfriend. As you put some of the ideas on this list into practice, just remember, the best way to be a good boyfriend is to e yourself.
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Encourage Her
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Encourage her to always be the best version of herself. Push her to do what's right, be happy when she's successful, and lift her up when she's down.
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Be Open With Her
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It's hard for many guys to be vulnerable and show their emotions. But guys who can learn how to be open always get the girls! Show her that you trust her and value her opinions by asking for her advice from time to time. Include her in the harder things in life, not just the easy tstuff.
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Be Consistent and Reliable
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If she never knows what to expect from you she won't stick around! Show her that she can always count on you and trust you to have her back! Make a point to show up on time and return phone calls.
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Be Willing to Compromise
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Compromises are an essential part of any relationship. That doesn't mean you have to do everything she wants, but learning how to meet in the middle will show her that you also value her needs. Work together to figure out what's best for both of you and you'll have a happy relationship.
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