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The Best Ways to Be a Good Friend

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What are some easy ways to be a good friend? Being a good friend may not be as hard as you think, but if you’re looking for ways to become a better friend, this list has some simple ideas you can use in your daily life to be a great, supportive, thoughtful friend. Everyone needs a good friend and being the best friend you can be is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.
Being a better friend is as simple as learning how to communicate better, becoming a better listener, being more considerate, encouraging your friend during the tough times, and finding practical ways to show your friend you truly care.
This list features the best ways to be a better friend. How do you work to be a better friend? Add your tips below if they aren't already on the list.
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    Be There, Whether They Ask or Not

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    Being there for your friend in the good times is easy, but being present in the difficult times is one of the most important ways you can be a good friend. Show up for him or her when they're having a hard day... without waiting for them to ask you to.
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    Give Each Other Space

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    Give each other the breathing room you need and never take that as rejection. The quickest way to kill a friendship is to smother it. Manage your expectations of your friendship reasonably and you'll both appreciate each other more.
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    Be Cash-Conscious

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    Be sensitive to your friend's budget when making plans. Money is a hard subject for anyone to talk about. If you find out that your friend is struggling financially, think outside the box and plan a cheap or free activity, rather than an expensive lunch.
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    Forgive and Forget

    Everyone screws up in life and it's usually not intentional. The easiest way to overlook your friend's mistakes is to imagine what your life would be like without them. Remember that you'll also be needing their forgiveness many times in life. Nobody's perfect.
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