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The Top Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend

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What are the best ways to be a good girlfriend? You don't have to transform your entire personality or the way you think to make your relationship work, but being a great girlfriend does take a little effort. You might feel like impressing your boyfriend will require some serious life changes, but what men really want from their girlfriends is surprisingly easy to do. This list has great ideas for being a good girlfriend.
Being a good girlfriend is as easy as learning to love some of (not all) the things that interest him, such as football and hanging out with the guys. Men love a woman who is confident, not afraid to speak her mind, and isn’t needy.
This list features the best ways to be a good girlfriend. What has worked in your relationships? How do you be a good girlfriend? Add your own tips below, and remember, the number one thing a man wants from a woman is just for them to be themselves.
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    Be a Partner, Not a Caregiver

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    You're in this together. Your man wants a girlfriend, not a mother. Avoid nagging and bossing him around, instead be a supportive, equal partner.
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    Laugh a Little

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    Men think it's attractive when a woman can laugh with them, and even laugh at them! Find out what his sense of humor is and create your own inside jokes.
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    Like Yourself

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