Foolproof Ways To Brighten Up Your Home In The Dead Of Winter

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Winter can be a real downer. Dark, dreary, and frightfully cold weather may leave you trapped inside, which means you need to find new ways to brighten up your home. While a substantial overhaul to your living space is one way to go about it, knowing how to keep your house cozy during the dreariest season of the year can be simple too. You don't need to be a master carpenter or Pinterest maven to make your house feel brighter throughout the winter months, nor do you need to commit only to bright colors and plants. There are unique way to stay cheerful no matter what your personal aesthetic is.

Knowing how to refresh your house during the grayest season to suit your personal style means you can feel bright and cheery even when the weather is anything but. And best of all, DIY home decor for winter can be a great deal more affordable than you might think; you certainly don't have to break the bank to put a smile on your face.

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    Fill Your House With Good Smells


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    Staying in all day can be a bit of a bummer, but it's easy to lighten the mood by indulging in a little aromatherapy. That doesn't meant long hot bubble baths or spraying air freshener—it means getting back to the basics. Use real herbs, spices, and fruits to make your home smell delicious and fresh. Consider a cranberry, rosemary, and cinnamon simmer pot, for example, to fill the kitchen with homey scents. For the bakers out there, consider making something cinnamon-heavy. Not only will the house smell great, but you'll have a delicious treat as well. You just can't go wrong with that.

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    Switch Your Linens To Light Colors

    If it's drab and dark outside, that means it's time to lighten things up inside. Ditch the heavy curtains and dark bedspreads. It's easy to add a little joy to a room with some pastels or bold jewel tones. Light fabrics can reflect sunlight and make a room feel luminous without losing heat. Don't let the darkness outside impact a room's decor—every little bit of light helps!

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    Add A Little Texture


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    Snuggling in is one of the best ways to make winter feel a little more manageable. You can create a comfy space while spicing up the way your rooms looks by mixing and matching different patterns and textures. Winter fabrics tend toward cable knits or faux fur, but there are a lot of textures out there that are equally cute, and mixing them together creates an eclectic, comfy atmosphere, perfect for the cold season. Convert an old bath mat into a cute new pillow, or use foil to create a bright new wall hanging. Playing with textures and patterns keeps decor feeling fresh in a season when people might be tempted to go all knits, all the time.

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    Add Mirrors To Accentuate Natural Light


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    The days get shorter and darker in the winter, so it's important to capture as much light as possible to brighten up the home. A few well-placed mirrors will catch light and spread it around. A nice golden frame draws the eye while also reflecting light. Mirrors can be great statement pieces to go along with white linens and pops of color from throw pillows. They don't need to be big, either; even a few small mirrors, especially when touched up with a cute frame or splash of paint, are a great way to draw eyes away from the darkness and into the home.

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    Drape Your House In String Lights


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    The days may be short, but it's still possible fill a home with light. String lights are a great way to add a little sparkle to even the smallest of spaces, giving any room a quirky, fun atmosphere. Use them to create a headboard or layer them inside white curtains to give your windows a heavenly glow. Fairy lights make the most of the winter darkness. Best of all, they're cheap and easy; there's no serious handiwork required.

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    Don't Throw Out The Holiday Decorations Just Yet


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    Leaving the tree up months after Christmas is over is a bit tacky, but that doesn't mean the home needs to be rid of holiday cheer entirely. Tuck that tree out of sight and put the stockings away, but consider leaving some of the glitter and pine needles out for the season. It's pretty easy to transition from holiday decorations to winter decorations without losing the coziness associated with the year's end. Focus on maintaining the colors and textures of the season—such as wood, sparkles, white light, and natural features like pinecones and needles—to carry holiday home decor through the winter months.

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