The 18 Most Efficient Ways To Get White Girl Wasted, Ranked By Basic Betchiness

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White girls do not simply get tipsy. Oh no – they take drunk to a whole other level. It goes beyond smashed, messy, or hammered, and only those with the most basic of tastes in alcohol can dream of becoming White Girl Wasted. The time of day you could achieve this level of inebriation is irrelevant. You could start at the most basic of meals, brunch, by pounding mimosas, slurping down bellinis, and chugging sangria. By lunch, your throat will be hoarse from "woo!"-ing and you'll be an expert in holding your BFF Ashley's hair as she vomits in the street.

Intrigued? You want to know how to get White Girl Wasted? It's not advisable, but there are any number of ways to achieve this singular state, and they all start with one of the following basic white girl drinks. Emulate your favorite drunk white girls, and get ready to have a wild night. See you at brunch!

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  • Sex On The Beach
    92 votes

    Sex On The Beach

  • Vodka Cranberry
    99 votes

    Vodka Cranberry

  • Mimosa
    104 votes


  • Long Island Ice Tea
    106 votes

    Long Island Ice Tea

  • Frozen Margarita
    83 votes

    Frozen Margarita

  • Strawberry Daiquiri
    82 votes

    Strawberry Daiquiri