19 Ways to Drastically Improve The Walking Dead 

Lisa Waugh
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This is not a Sanctuary: spoilers lurk below. 

There are several reasons why this season of The Walking Dead sucks. Some of those include Glenn’s fake death last season, and his real death in the first episode of this season. That Negan cliffhanger was awful, the excruciating season premiere wasn't much better, and was followed by long, boring episodes with just a few gems sprinkled in. What in the hell is going on with The Walking Dead?!

Ratings have steadily dropped since the Season 7 premiere, and how will showrunners Scott Gimple and David Kirkman stop the hemorrhaging? Maybe it’s time to seriously consider ways to improve The Walking Dead, besides more Daryl nudity. But, yeah, more Daryl nudity wouldn’t hurt.

One of the many mistakes The Walking Dead is making is that it’s simply not keeping up with the times. TV is the new frontier of visual storytelling, with bolder and faster paced storylines. What might have worked even five years ago, doesn’t work today. Since Kirkman first created the comic series 13 years ago, it wouldn’t be a crime to seriously deviate from the source material like other shows (cough, Game of Thrones, cough) have done, with great success. 

We need The Walking Dead to stop sucking and we need that suckage to stop now. Here are a few ways TWD could pull out of the nose dive before it crashes into a quarry filled with walkers.

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Introduce the Carol Dome
Introduce the Carol Dome... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 19 Ways to Drastically Improve The Walking Dead
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In which she gets to kill off a villain every week. Or a useless community dweller. It’s not very sophisticated but, admit it, we'd all watch it. The Cookie Sams, Porch D*cks, and Spencers of the world would be gone in two episodes. 

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Make Rick a True Badass
Make Rick a True Badass ... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 19 Ways to Drastically Improve The Walking Dead
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We’re sick of tortured, unstable Rick. How about sharp, edgy, wily Rick who outsmarts the villains at every turn, but who still has to go to battle. Maybe that’s where he’s headed at the end of Season 7, but we thought that’s where he landed after The Governor, after biting out Joe the Claimer’s throat, after Carl got shot, after Alexandria’s walls fell, after... you get the point. Watching him lose it is getting very, very old. Just be the badass you want to see in the world, Ricktator.

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Stop Jerking Viewers Around in General
Stop Jerking Viewers Aro... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 19 Ways to Drastically Improve The Walking Dead
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Promising a crazy hell ride of a season and delivering burnt toast is not going to endear you to fans. Faking them out is no fun either. Obviously everyone works their tails off to make this show and there’s a ton of love for the show still, but we’re not bonding on the set with you, guys. We’re over here ready to support, enjoy, and share the love. Don’t get cocky.

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The Bad Decision Making Has to Stop
The Bad Decision Making ... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 19 Ways to Drastically Improve The Walking Dead
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In search of a plot device and in order to create a manageable shooting schedule, characters end up separating, silly decisions are made, and we’re left yelling at the screen. Well, we used to. Now, there’s just incoherent mumbling. We can’t blame Rick for making such shoddy decisions. He’s only as useful as the writers will let him be.

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