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16 Ways to Make the NFL Better  

Paul Nyhart
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Get Players to Go Back to Practicing Actual Fundamentals

This is another player safety commentary; everyone complains about late hits and unnecessary roughness, but getting players to return to tackling properly would most likely curb many of the chronic injuries plaguing players later in their career.

Tackle with your head in front, don’t use your helmet as a weapon, and tackle through, not to the guy (no arm tackling), and we’d see a more wholesome sport … opposed to absolute chaos. 

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Decide What a Catch Is

Do you need to make a football move? Does a hand not count as a player being down but a part of his butt does?

The list goes on and on of the confusing ways a player can (or cannot) catch a football in the NFL. There has to be a better way of explaining it, probably using common sense would be a good start, but football games have been won and lost because of counter-intuitive / BS rules that seemingly make zero sense.

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Have the Refs Stop Calling Pass Interference Every Other Play

We get the league wants to appeal more towards offense to make the game feel more exciting, but does every other play have to be stopped because a little nickel and diming and/or a jersey pull?

At the very least call it both ways -- when the ball is in the air that ball belongs to the defense as much as it does the offense. 

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Stop Babying Quarterbacks With Ridiculous Roughing the Quarterback Penalties

We get it -- Quarterback is the most expensive, premium position on the field, but it’s still a position on the football field and should be treated as such. Either a player should be allowed to tackle them and want to hurt them physically (which fundamentally is a strategy grounded in the game of football) or we want to treat them like a completely different position that shows football is no longer a game about toughness. 

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