39+ Ways to Repel a Potential Girlfriend

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A list of women's biggest complaints about men--why your female crush does not like you. While getting a girl to like you is a tricky feat (see this list of Ways to Get a Girl to Like You for tips) it may only be a matter of changing a few things. Are you doing any of these things that repel women? First, cover the basics. Do you smell bad? How is your hygiene? Then you can move on to more subtle problems that you may be having. Do you act desperate and text her over and over again? Why don't girls like you? Are you needy? Are you indecisive? Do you want to know how to get a girl to hate you?

Check out this list of common dating mistakes that you may be making. Vote on the items that resonate with you and add additional items as needed. 
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    Compare Her to Your Ex-Girlfriend

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    Sleep with Her Sister

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    Constantly Have Bad Breath

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    Get Her Name Wrong

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    Not Brushing Your Teeth!