Total Nerd 14 Video Games That Let Players Take Drugs and Completely Trip Balls  

Aaron Edwards
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While video games mostly focus on new and exciting ways to vanquish one's foes, some of the more interesting titles like to get trippy while they do it. There are plenty of ways to do drugs in video games, beginning with early games like Super Mario Bros. (someone pass the mushrooms!). OK, that one's a stretch, but Mario does get more powerful when he gobbles down a 'shroom and if you really think about it, that game is trippy as hell.

But this list isn't about implied drug use or plumbers. It's about ways to get high in video games. In modern games, drugs can be found all over the place. Sometimes it’s super explicit like in Max Payne, while at other times it’s a bit more cartoony like in Narc. Some games, like Far Cry 3, thrive on the drug trip as part of its style and others use them as genius pieces of world building - like in the Fallout series, where drug dependence is very real and can change your character's stat line.

Keep reading below to see 14 games where characters go way, way down the rabbit hole. 

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The makers of the original Fallout games - and the subsequent sequels - were meticulous when they built the world. There are drugs called "chems" all over the place that players can use for various stat boosts. Mentats buff intelligence, Psycho increases damage output, and Med-X gives more damage resistance. You must keep taking the drugs to get the boosts... but that means your character will get addicted quickly. There are a few ways to get rid of the addictions such as doctors and anti-addiction meds, and players also have access to the Party Boy/Girl perk, which gives them an immunity to addiction. 

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Witchers thrive on potion making in order to fight the worst monsters out there. In The Witcher 2, developer CD Projekt RED gives players the chance to try a little drink called the visionary’s potion. The potion supposedly gives the character a look into the future, but what it really does is give you a vision of an alternate world filled with phallic mushrooms and an absolutely massive chicken. 

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Rockstar has never been a company that creates tame video game experiences. Their games are all filled to the brim with profanity, gore, and a thin layer of mean-spirited social commentary for good measure. Grand Theft Auto V definitely pushes the envelope when it comes to drug use in the series. In one scene, Jimmy gives Michael a horse tranquilizer which leads to quite an experience. He gets abducted by aliens, thrown out of their ship, then he free falls all the way back to Los Santos in a technicolor haze.  

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This game gives you an app to do just about anything, so why not get high? You have the ability to go on “digital trips,” which are exactly what they sound like. It’s all here: demons, robots, mechanical spider-tanks. Completing a trip unlocks a clothing item that players can add to the regular game. 

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