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Tourists Are Swarming National Parks And Destroying Them

America's national parks were created in 1916 in order to protect the natural beauty of the land but, thanks to millions of tourists, they're slowly being destroyed. Although national parks also have to deal with huge budget problems, climate change, and Donald Trump's plans for their future, one of the biggest threats to their survival comes from the people who visit. Three hundred thirty-one million people visited national parks in 2016, clearly making them a popular tourist destination - but how many of these people were actually bad national park visitors?

Whether they're harassing wild animals, spray painting thousand-year-old rocks, or burning down the forest, visitors to national parks are gradually ruining them. Traffic within parks has become a problem, prompting new rules and regulations to be considered. The disposal of national park litter costs millions of dollars and thousands of people have to be employed to help clean up after their fellow humans. The national parks may be beautiful, but they won't stay that way for very long unless visitors vow to treat them with respect instead of like a theme park or personal playground. From Yellowstone to Yosemite to the Grand Canyon, here's how tourists are ruining national parks.