The Best Quotes From 'We're the Millers'

Movie fans everywhere have come together to vote on this list of the best quotes from the hilarious comedy, We're the Millers. This star-studded film follows a fake family as they attempt to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border and is chock-full of memorable one-liners.

From Jennifer Aniston's sassy character Rose saying "I'm not a stripper, I'm a mother" to Jason Sudeikis' sarcastic retort "No ragrets", these quotes have become staples in pop culture conversations. But what makes them so iconic?

Perhaps it's their relatability - who hasn't had an awkward encounter with their neighbor like David (played by Sudeikis) when he says "You wanna see something funny? Watch me pretend I'm not home"? Or maybe it's the way they perfectly capture each character's personality, like when Kenny (Will Poulter) innocently asks "You guys wanna get high?" or Rose deadpans "We are not going to lick your--".

Whatever it may be, there's no denying that We're the Millers has some of the funniest and most quotable lines in recent memory. So if you want to relive some of those comedic moments or just need a good laugh, take a look at our ranked list and vote up your favorites.

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    A Little Music

    A Little Music
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Rose O'Malley: "I don't think you think things through."
    David Burke: "Will you relax! How about a little music?"
    [Kenny begins singing along perfectly to TLC's "Waterfalls"]
    David Burke: [Mouths] "What the f***?"

    In one of many moments where the fake family members get to know each other a bit more, David, Rose and Casey learn that Kenny has a very unique talent in this scene. That talent? Singing along word for word with
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    Bring It Back Here by Sunday Night

    Bring It Back Here by Sunday Night
    Video: YouTube

    Brad Gurdlinger: "I have a smidge of marijuana down in Mexico. Bring it back here by Sunday night and I'll pay you $100,000."
    David Burke: "This is way out of my league."
    Brad Gurdlinger: "You don't have a choice."
    [David sees a whale attack a dolphin]
    David Burke: "What the f*** is that?"
    Brad Gurdlinger: "I bought an orca. I make a lot of money."

    An interaction between David and his boss Brad sets off a chain of events by which the movie follows. Here, David learns that Brad wants him to smuggle what he says is just a tiny amount of drugs from Mexico back to the states. It sounds simple but things escalate quickly.
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    It's Not That Bad

    Kenny: "F*** a doggy. It hurts so much!"
    Rose O'Malley: "Oh god! Let me see it."
    Kenny: "You're not seeing it."
    David Burke: "Will you just man up and drop your pants?"
    Casey: "We've all seen a d***."
    [Rose gasps]
    David Burke: "What's it look like? I can't look."
    Casey: "F*** me!"
    David Burke: "It's not that bad."
    Rose O'Malley: "Will you look at that thing?"
    David Burke: "No, I'm not going to look at it."
    Rose O'Malley: "You're telling me…"
    Kenny: "How bad is it?"
    David Burke: "Kenny is fine!"
    [Kenny faints]

    When Kenny is bit by a spider in the desert in his groin area, he's hesitant to show his parts to his fake family members. Things don't improve when he drops his pants then later faints.
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    It's a Skateboard

    It's a Skateboard
    Video: YouTube

    David Burke: [Playing Pictionary] "Is that a rocket or um?"
    Rose O'Malley: "You know what that is, is that a cucumber? It's a big, black penis."
    Kenny: "It's a skateboard."
    David Burke: "Skateboard, great"
    Rose O'Malley: "Of course it is!"
    David Burke: "It's a big, black skateboard."

    An innocent game of Pictionary goes awry when Rose's stripper thoughts surface in her answers. Luckily David is there to get her mind out of the gutter.
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    The Fitzgeralds

    The Fitzgeralds
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Rose O'Malley: "Is this part of your plan?"
    Don Fitzgerald: "You folks can make camp with the Fitzgeralds tonight."

    The fake family's RV breaks down leaving them stranded. While they are welcomed to stay with another camper family, they have to be careful to keep what they are hiding secret.
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    We're the Millers

    We're the Millers
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Flight Attendant: "You have a lovely family."
    David Burke: "Thank you very much. We're the Millers. This is my son, Kenny Miller, and my daughter…"
    Casey: "Casey"
    David Burke: "Casey" [to Rose] "Honey!"
    Rose O'Malley: "Eat a d***!"
    David Burke: "Sorry"

    Trying to act the part, David introduces his family to the flight attendant. All goes well until he forgets the name of his daughter and when he leans in for a kiss with Rose, he gets some choice words in return.